Dear Leader,
Greetings from Regal Unlimited. Hope you are doing well. Trust you are taking all the precautions to stay safe. While we handle the challenges arising out of the pandemic in our own way, many of us are using the time to gain wellness, more family time, balance WFH/Stay@Home, pick up old hobbies (music, for example), and of course, learn and re-learn too. 

More aspiring coaches, corporate leaders, and professionals are learning to coach the ICF way.

  • In some cases to add coaching skills to their work and life, and in some other cases
  • To Become a Coach, now or in the near future

1.Why ICF Coach Training with Regal Unlimited?

ICF Coach Training in Bengaluru

Learning is one of the key outcomes of any coaching engagement. We are externally focussed, this journey helps us go within…

2. 3 Tips to Choose ICF Coach Training Program – 3C

ICF Coach Training in Bengaluru

What are the 3 important elements of your coaching journey?

3. ICF Coach Training: Journey Vs Destination Vs Community

ICF Coach Training in Bengaluru

In our coach-training programs, all 3 are important.

  1. Journey within, self-awareness
  2. Destination, ICF credential/RCC certification
  3. The community of coaches, within the batch and the alumni community (#RegalCoaches). We take effort to nurture the community (over 200), and also ensure the batches are heterogeneous.

4. Global Online ICF Coach Training

ICF Coach Training in Bengaluru

  • ICF is the gold standard in coaching. Over the last 5 plus years, we have trained over 200 aspiring coaches and created one of the best coaching community in this part of the world. Also over 1,000 leaders through leadership coaching workshops.
  • Virtual/live program, on Mondays 6 PM to 9 PM, over the zoom. Occasional connect in your cities when the situation improves.

5. #ICFCoachoftheWeek

ICF Coach Training in Bengaluru

To those whom much is given, much is expected’. That is what this nomination means to me. Grateful.

Stay safe and stay blessed.

6. Why #RegalUnlimited for ICF Coach Training?

ICF is the gold standard in coaching. Regal Unlimited is supporting coaches and leaders globally to help them coach at gold-levels, without the fluctuation in prices 🙂

#Learn2Coach the #iCFway, with the best in class coach training and certification.

Team – Regal Unlimited, the Coaching School for the World

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