International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the global gold standard in coaching.

Borrowing from the credit card business, there is the only one more global coaching body, European Coaching and Mentoring Council (EMCC). There is no third player with a global footprint, an Amex equivalent. There are several local players, some of them very limited to a city, or part of a region.

While ICF & EMCC are guided by pure and classical coaching, the other entities are flexible about the purity of the process. Coach-centric to stakeholder-centric, mixing a bit of telling/guiding to asking, mentoring to coaching, etc., which are a strict ‘no-no’ in the ICF approach to coaching.

Regal Unlimited is one of the premier institutes in coach training, and mentoring for aspiring coaches. Regal Unlimited also offers ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) program for aspiring professional coaches. While the ICF coaching competencies are at the core of all ICF approved coach training programs, programs by Regal Unlimited stands out for the following 3 reasons, hence the golden triangle:

  • Become a Coach – A professional Coach: The focus is on training and mentoring the aspiring coaches to use the ICF coaching competencies so that they coach within the framework. The ICF member/coach learns to coach the ICF way. Not tap into all the knowledge, wisdom, experience from the past, at work and beyond, to work with clients. The ICF approach to coaching invites the coach to park aside all ego-based conscious knowledge and use the ICF framework only. In our approach to the coach training, the coach uses the framework diligently. The hero of the overall coaching engagement and the individual conversation is the ICF framework. And the framework is not limited to the process/science of coaching. But transcends to the realm of art, built on a strong foundation of the science/process. If the coach is to inspire the coachee/client to take actions, doing and being, the coach has a responsibility to tap into the full potential of the coachee. The transformational shift happens at that level. One who goes through the rigor of Regal programs will surely become a good coach. Hence the programs are deliberately spread over 4 months, with all its rigor, for deep and reflective learning. 

ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. 

  • The Business of Coaching : Professional Coaching is a serious business. We want to touch lives, help clients move towards their full potential. The hard work does not stop with the certification or credential. We focus on the business of coaching from the very first session.
    • For example, we invited one of our learners to take a small step in the direction of her coaching business, in the very first training session. She was delighted to see the response she received, including conversations she had with two prospects. 
    • We discuss the 4P’s of coaching, and beyond. A lot of coaches struggle with pricing, promo.
    • Coaching is not like any other business either. We touch lives through professional coaching. For that to happen clients out there should know about the coach and her/his services. 
    • Right through our coach training, certification, ICF credentialing, and beyond, we coach and mentor the learner-coaches to focus on the business side.
    • Coaching is a very coachee-centric approach. The spotlight is on the coachee. We promote our services with grace so that future clients can find us. Not crude self-promos. 
    • We also believe coaching can not be sold like a consumer product or service. It is about potential, hence it is a serious business. 
    • Unlike representing a big brand in our corporate roles, managing a personal brand is integral to the training and mentoring process.
    • As such conscious capitalism at its best. Transforming lives, slow and steady. 
    • All our mentors come with business experience, having managed P&L. They have spent 10-20 services in previous corporate roles, managing big teams, businesses, and have experienced big success, as well as failures. 
    • The alumni community of coaches (Regal Coaches) support each other not only in continued learning, but also in business collaboration. We openly discuss our success, and failures on the business side of coaching so that new learner coaches need not re-invent the (business) wheel! We share our case studies, and also get successful coaches to come and share their stories. With the new challenges affecting all businesses, the professional coaches have a bigger responsibility to manage their business side of coaching well now. 
  • Being a Coach is beyond effort, action, emotions. The transition from #Good2Great. #Doing2Being. This is an experiential leg of the journey to be a professional coach. This is beyond the professional approach, customer centricity, ethics, et al. 

‘A lot of good coaches are not successful. But a lot of successful coaches are not really good coaches.’

Great coaches are not only good at coaching, but also on the business side of coaching. And they are life long learners, sharpening the proverbial saw, though deep work, and beyond additional ego-centric certifications.

A successful coach is also about mindset, strategy, tactics, discipline, hard work, deep work, and a lot more. 

What would make you choose the best ICF-approved coach training and certification to be truly Regal at work, in coaching, and life?

ICF approved ACSTH COach training program which brings all these together starting on August 14, 2021 – online, on alternate Saturdays

#Learn2Coach the #ICFway, with Regal Unlimited, the best ICF approved coach training program.

Be a professional coach, fully aligned with pure and classical coaching. 

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