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Organizations now value the importance of coaching at all levels of the management scale. Increasingly people believe that if coaching works at the top with C-Suite, it should work at the middle, and even for young leaders. After all, leadership is a behavior not a title.

Similarly, with social fabric becoming complex and complicated more and more people are opening up to healers and life coaches. This opens up significant opportunities for coaches and no wonder coaching is becoming either a favored career option or one of the most valuable addition to your current skills.

Coaching is an integral part of leadership behavior. As leaders one needs to continuously keep coaching teammates and associates to facilitate excellence-orientation towards common goal

“Regal Unlimited” understands this reality and has been one of the early movers in offering certified leadership coaching programs for leaders at all levels. 

 Coach Certification introduces you to the world of coaching. It introduces the process, science and art of coaching and encourages more people to choose coach-credential route thereby making the conversations outcome oriented.

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 Ongoing Weekend ICF Coach   Training   Programs

Have successfully trained/mentored 200+ coaches in the last 6 years across the globe. Currently we have a batch of enthusiastic learners who have taken the courageous step to #learn2coach the #iCFway.

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 Global Online ICF Coach   Training   Programs

We are excited to announce the next batch for ICF Coach training (online) from 17th Oct, Saturday 2020. Tread on this journey and be a part of this exclusive community of professional Coaches.

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 Regal Coach Certification   Programs

New batch, online/live, starting soon.

Coach Training for corporate leaders, Tech/HR/L&D professionals & coaches

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1:1 Executive Coaching

1:1 Executive Coaching Program nurtures individuals and organizations to achieve identified goals, discover new ideas, overcome limitations and achieve newer levels of success

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching Program equips senior leaders make better decisions, drive strategic initiatives, maximize critical thinking and develop a proactive attitude towards work 



Life Coaching & Healing

Life Coaching & Healing sessions help you understand the root cause of your discontentment and support you through coaching sessions to live a fulfilling life.


Regal Coach Leadership Training

An online foundation coach training program for young and aspiring leaders across the globe to accelerate their leadership journey through acquiring the skill of coaching.



ICF Approved Coach Training

An ICF approved Coach Training Program for established leaders to  scale up their professional career as an ICF credentialed coach and ensure increased ROI



Corporate Leadership Workshop

Customized and focused workshops mapping human capital development needs of your organisation delivering improved employee productivity with excellence orientation 


Global Regognitions

Awards & Associations

Global Mindset, Local roots

Coaching & Coach Training Programs are Global

We at Regal Unlimited are at a call away! We have conducted executive & leadership coaching sessions and coach training programs at Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Saudi Arabia. Our online programs are being attended across boundaries.


What People are Saying

“A Great Coach”

My professional journey along with Subash as a coach, started in April 2013. Since then, he has been a great anchor to me at a personal level. He has empowered me with simple easy to use tools, which has had great impact while sailing the high tides of the profession. He also helped me to see perspectives and which otherwise would have been limited by the typical “spotlight”. I wish him the best in his endeavors.”

Jubilant Cement(Country Manager

“A More Balanced and Successful Life”

” I was curious about the idea of coaching when one esteemed senior at work recommended me to Subash. I am ever so glad I gave it a shot. While I am still applying the principles that I have ‘discovered’ through my coaching sessions, there is no doubt that it has already allowed me to see things for what they really are and respond most effectively to whatever comes my way at work / career and balance my personal life alongside too.” 


“Release the Residue of Negativity”

Worked in Federal Bank for 23 years, took voluntary retirement. Now associated with an NGO, Coimbatore The programme was good. It helped me to release the residue of negativity, which was there in me. Learnt my life priorities. Feel very peaceful .Most importantly, after the workshop I started accepting ME and the PEOPLE around me.”

Saroja Sivakumar – ( NGO, Coimbatore )

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The more important thing is your style being effective and creating an impact.

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