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ICF Accredited Coach Training & ICF Coaching Certification Program

Begin your magical journey of coaching with our ICF Accredited Level 1 Program.

regal unlimited

ICF Accredited Coach Training & ICF Coaching Certification Program

Begin your magical journey of coaching with our ICF Accredited Level 1 Program.

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The Best ICF Accredited Coaching Program

Offline Training

Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Coimbatore

Online Training

Global cohorts


3 to 5 months


*Passion for coaching.

Time commitment

5 – 7 hours a week

Training hours

60 (includes classroom training, tools & assignments)

Face-to-face training

6 days

Mentoring hours

10 hours of mentoring PCC & MCC coaches
*We suggest 10 Years Professional experience to maximize the benefits of becoming a ICF certified coach.

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Our Google Reviews

Holding Trust for a Decade

Prakash Thalya
Prakash Thalya
Coaching unlimited program was very useful, it has given an opportunity to connect with the fellow coaches, sharing the experiences and importantly, gave an opportunity to deep dive into the ICF competencies. thanks Regal for the opportunity,
Smita Sahu
Smita Sahu
If you aspire to be a coach and part of the community, Regal is the best in the country undoubtedly ...Truly making an effort to fulfill the aspiration to contribute in the field of coaching...
Selva thecoach
Selva thecoach
Fantastic place for get trained in coaching and find like minded community of practicing coaches. Amazing team that is supportive much after you have been completed the training. Highly recommended.
It is about making a coach. Evolving a different human being during the coaching journey is all about Subash as a Mentor and Regal Unlimited as a platform. The extensive presence Subash provides as a mentor regardless his availability at the moment or situation is tremendous. This is my way of expressing my regards to Subash as a mentor. Regal Unlimited is not just a platform for ICF accreditation alone. How much Regal ecosystem as a platform, is able to imbibe the coaching mindset during the journey towards the ICF accreditation is the real charm. The Coaching Journey at Regal Unlimited is a unique experience, every individual must go through. A definite recommendation towards the career or life goals, what ever function and profession one may belong to.
Sandeep Asok
Sandeep Asok
It's a great experience with Subhash and team
Saravana Kumar Krishnan
Saravana Kumar Krishnan
Subash & team operate with a high standard and deep commitment in grooming future coaches.
S Basu
S Basu
Hi this is Saswati I found the Regal Unlimited helps one to tap his/her potential and transforms one as a better individual. I have really enjoyed the course & found it very rewarding. Entire team is helpful , process practiced is very informative with clear instructions on how to become a successful Coach. Fantastic & inspiring.
Preena Ravindran
Preena Ravindran
It was an all together many new learning about myself .The entire teaching faculty is very good and experienced ,who are highly process driven . Best part is mentors support is just a click away .Thanks for all the valuable coaching inputs.will confidently recommend Regal Unlimited in my circle.
ICF Coach

Who can become an ICF Coach?

Aspiring Coaches

Corporate Leaders

HR leaders & Professionals

Line Managers

Chief Executive Officers

Leaders & Agile Professionals

Scrum Enthusiasts

Self-Employed Professionals

Business Owners


Why Choose Regal’s ICF Accredited ACC Level 1 Program…Or Not?

What learner coaches love about our ICF ACC Level 1 program

Best Credentialing Rate

We have the satisfaction of seeing all our learner coaches pick up their credentials.

Superlative global cohorts

Individuals thoughtfully brought together to maximize diverse learning opportunities within cohorts.

Enriched learning & growth

Through webinars, talks, meet-ups, coaching intensives, etc.

Last mile support for credentialing

Your trust with us doesn’t end with training & mentoring. We are by your side the whole way, till you get that credential.

Approachable Mentor Coaches

Our mentors are readily available and committed to providing guidance & support.

Supportive peer community

We create an ecosystem that nurtures interaction and collaboration between Regal alumni and alumnae.

Focus on practice over theory

Practice alone maketh confident, competent coaches. That’s our mantra!

Once a family, always a family

We are more than just a training & certification institute. We are a family. We are there for you at all times.


What Makes Our ICF ACC Coaching Certification Program & ICF Coaching Regal? Find out from our learner coaches.


Steps to Become an ICF Coach

Becoming a coach is an exciting, life-altering adventure! Here’s a quick glance at the 5 steps to achieving your dream.

Coach Training

60 hours of coach training, including synchronous (minimum 50%) and asynchronous learning.


ICF mandates that a minimum of 10 hours of mentoring is provided as part of the curriculum by MCC/PCC credentialed coaches.

Practice Coaching

The learner must clock in at least 100 hours of coaching practice to qualify for the required ICF- ACC norms.

Performance Evaluation

Submission of one recording of a coaching conversation for performance evaluation that demonstrates the right application of concepts and competencies.

ICF Credentialing Exam

Pass the ICF Credentialing Exam, a psychometric test conducted by the ICF to evaluate the conceptual understanding of the ICF Framework and coaching competencies.

ICF Coaching Certification


Becoming an ICF ACC involves more than just training and undergoing certain steps involved in the journey to credentialing. It requires a mindset that develops as one explores the process.

This is why it is important to choose a training program that enables you to develop a coaching mindset. A program like ours.


Additional ICF ACC Requirements

Once the Learner undergoes the Training (via Virtual mode or In-person mode), mentoring, and completes the required assignments, Regal Unlimited issues a Certificate of Completion.
While applying to ICF for the Credentialing process, the Learner must submit the following to ICF:
ICF first evaluates the audio recording against the ICF framework and clears it if all requirements are met.
Learners who clear the performance review can move to the next stage – the ICF Credentialing Exam.
ICF provides learners the link to the ICF Credentialing Exam, which has to be taken within a stipulated time.
Learners who successfully complete the ICF Credentialing Exam receive their credentials from ICF.
Coach Training

Leading Coach Training Programs

ICF Coach Certification Training at Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad & Mumbai.
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  • Why become an ICF coach?
  • How does it lead to professional growth?Find the answer to all your questions in this highly informative webinar by Subash CV, Master Certified Coach.

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Common Queries

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ICF?
ICF, or International Coaching Federation, is a leading global organization for coaching and coaches. They independently certify coaches and nurture a worldwide community of coaches
How much does it cost to get ICF coaching certification?
The first step to becoming an ICF coach, the  ICF-ACC certification, costs anywhere from INR 1 lakh to INR 1.5 lakh. It excludes the ICF ACC application fee, to be paid when applying for  ICF-ACC credentials.
What counts as coach-specific training?
Training received from an ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) or ACSTH (ICF Approved Coach-Specific Training Hours) program counts as coach-specific training
What are the requirements for ACC certification?
60 hours of coaching education, 10 hours of mentoring, 100 hours of practice coaching with successful submission of one coaching conversation to ICF, and passing the ICF credentialing exam.
What is ICF ACC credential?
ICF ACC credentials are conferred on professional coaches who show adequate understanding and application of coaching competencies and maintain coaching standards set by ICF.

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