Coaching Unlimited

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Trident Hotel, Jaipur


 22nd June to 25th June, 2023

For Whom:

For ICF Coaches (ACC, PCC & MCC)


Elevate your coaching to the next orbit

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Once gotten into full-time practice for a few years, it’s natural for Coaches to feel the need to refresh, re-connect, re-anchor Coaching Competencies.

We have the pleasure of inviting you to COACHING UNLIMITED, a CORE-COMPETENCIES INTENSIVE for Practicing Coaches!

The 4-day Intensive is carefully curated to provide a Deep-diving Experiential Learning for Participating Coaches!

What is Coaching Unlimited

Coaching Unlimited is an intensive program designed especially for ICF Credentialed Coaches (ACC, PCC & MCC).

A physical meetup to reconnect, rewire and revisit the Coaching competencies with a cohort of successful practicing ICF Coaches.

Questions that nag a credentialed Coach

  • Am I serving my Clients to achieve their fullest potential?
  • Am I ‘the best Coach’ that I can be?
  • What deeper work have I pursued beyond the coach training hours?
  • As a Coach – what is limiting me from coaching at a Mastery level, session after session?

Stepping up Coaching Quotient

As a coach you are as good as your NEXT session

Everything about Coaching Unlimited

What is Coaching Unlimited

Why Coaching Unlimited

What it feels to be in

Who Should Attend

  • ICF Credentialed Coaches (ACC, PCC & MCC)
  • Practicing Coaches for a minimum of 3 years
  • A Coach looking to sharpen the coaching skills and accelerate their coaching practice
  • An ICF Coach looking to garner valuable & meaningful CCEUs for renewing their credentials

 Why should you join this Intensive

Re-invent the Coach in you

Re-connect, Re-anchor Core Coaching Skills so that You could be the best that you can be!

ICF Approved CCEUs

Deep-diving learning experience to operate at Mastery level. Earn 24 ICF CCEUs (16+8 CCEUs).

Power Networking

Peer-Learning opportunity with the Mentors &  ICF Credentialed practicing Coaches. 

Roundtable Discussions

Real-life case studies by Coaches to deepen the understanding

Real Life Case Studies

Success stories and Case Studies of professional coaches, discussed in Coaching Roundtable facilitated by Resource Leaders

Sessions with Coaches

Participate in Coaching practice & demonstrations with Master Coaches and pick up nuances of Coaching – the ICF Way

Alumni Community

Connect with successful professional coaches from the industry and build a community to anchor your journey ahead.

 This is what the Coach-Participants say

What will you discover at Coaching Unlimited

Practical Approach to coaching at Mastery level (Gyan-free discussions for Coaches)
Real-life Case studies  &  Roundtable Discussions amongst  the Coaches.
Practice Sessions with mentors  to ensure endured learnings of the concepts
Power Networking with Practicing Coaches.

Program Curated By

 Subash CV


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