Coaching Unlimited

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Trident Hotel, Jaipur


 22nd June to 25th June, 2023

For Whom:

Practicing Coaches 


24 ICF CCEUs (16 – Core, 8 – RD)


INR 68000 + 18% GST

As a Participant, You will be able to:

Coach fearlessly, coach @ Mastery level      
Understand how to establish a successful Coaching business  
Learn how to conduct a powerful chemistry (discovery) session
Create a strong network with experienced practicing Coaches
Create an actionable Business Plan, and a Coaching Plan with rigour, that can be put in to practice

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Once you get into full-time practice for a few years, it’s natural for Coaches to feel the need to refresh, re-connect, re-anchor Coaching Competencies.

We have the pleasure of inviting you to COACHING UNLIMITED, a CORE-COMPETENCIES INTENSIVE for Practicing Coaches!

The 4-day Intensive is carefully curated to provide a Deep-diving Experiential Learning for Participating Coaches!

Questions that nag a credentialed Coach

● Am I serving my Clients to achieve their fullest potential?

● Am I ‘the best Coach’ that I can be?

● What deeper work have I pursued beyond the coach training hours?

● As a Coach – what is limiting me from coaching at a Mastery level, session after session?

As a coach you are as good as your NEXT session

Everything about Coaching Unlimited

What is Coaching Unlimited

Why Coaching Unlimited

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Who Should Attend

Practicing Coaches
A Coach looking to sharpen the coaching skills and accelerate their coaching practice
A coach looking to establish successful coaching business
An ICF Coach looking to garner valuable & meaningful CCEUs for renewing their credentials

 Why should you join this Intensive

Re-invent the Coach in you

Re-connect, Re-anchor Core Coaching Skills so that You could be the best that you can be!

ICF Approved CCEUs

Deep-diving learning experience to operate at Mastery level. Earn 24 ICF CCEUs (16+8 CCEUs).

Power Networking

Peer-Learning opportunity with the Mentors & Credentialed practicing Coaches.

Enhance Brand Persona

Craft a personal brand that makes you the preferred coach for your target audience

Real Life Case Studies

Success stories and Case Studies of professional coaches, discussed in Coaching Roundtable facilitated by Resource Leaders

Chemistry Session

Dedicated Session and Live Demonstration of how to shape up a discovery session & meaningfully enhance the sales conversion

Alumni Community

Connect with successful professional coaches from the industry and build a community to anchor your journey ahead.

 This is what the Participants say

Frequently Asked Questions

Would Jaipur be hot in June?

June is the start of the monsoon season in Jaipur.  While the daytime temperature still stays in the range of 35 to 39 degrees Celsius, there is occasional rainfall to bring relief. Mornings and evenings remain windy, enabling nature walks and outdoor activities. Wearing apparel that is light and skin-friendly is recommended, particularly cool and cotton clothes.

Is Coaching Unlimited a program for all Coaches?

Yes. Core Coaching Competencies for coaching at the mastery level are largely the same – whether ICF certified or not. It’s about Mastery; It’s about Coaching beyond certification. It’s about Coaching as a Business. Therefore it’s relevant for all practicing Coaches.

It is relevant for Coach Trainers, Mentors & Practicing Coaches. One element that differentiates this intensive is that the facilitators are active ‘Coach Trainers’ – They understand the pertinent issues that coaches are going through. They train Coaches on the Core Competencies hence are best equipped to refresh the same for Coaches who got their certifications even earlier!

What makes Coaching Unlimited a unique program?

It’s a first-of-its-kind, where professional, practicing Coaches get to view & experience Coaching at Mastery level. Here, practicing coaches can  refresh their Core Coaching Competencies and lay emphasis on

  • Coaching as a business,
  • Branding as a Coach, and
  • Nuances of Chemistry (discovery) session

Above all, it is an immersive experience where one gets to learn from the experiences of the Master Coaches.

Is the agenda packed, will I be getting some time for myself?

The program is curated in a way to provide an immersive experience for practicing Coaches – therefore the sessions and conversations spill beyond the four walls of the room. Nature walks and outdoor conversations are designed to accentuate experiential learning, deeper interactions and networking among the participants and the Mentors.

Can participants attend with spouse and family

No. This is not designed as a family retreat. If the spouse also happens to be a Coach, the couple is encouraged to participate together.

Is there any Pre-Work for this program?

Yes, the pre-work starts 4 weeks prior to the program date. Pre-work is designed in a way to facilitate reflective thinking on your coaching/business of coaching, leading to the Intensive.

What’s the pre-work look like?

One of the unique features of Coaching Unlimited is the Pre-work. It consists of

(a) Submitting one Coaching Recording not exceeding 60 minutes for review by two MCC Mentor Coaches 4 weeks before the program start.

(b) Submission of your current Business Strategy and plan including branding status in a maximum of 2 pages, 4 weeks before the program start. This will lay the ground work for meaningful coaching and marketing conversations, inputs, insights and action plans for every participant, as part of the Intensive.

What will you discover at Coaching Unlimited

● Nuances of ‘Courageous’ Coaching – Coaching @ Mastery Level ● Bring orbit shift in your ‘business of Coaching’ ● Step up your Chemistry Session to enhance client-conversion ● Be with the strongest network of Experienced Coaches & Mentors ● Refine & Refresh the Core Competencies to apply with ease

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