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The future of Leadership is Coaching

Your Leaders can train.
Your Leaders can mentor.
Your Leaders can influence.
But can your leaders COACH?

Coaching is THE leadership style for the 21st century. Organizations worldwide are embracing the coaching style of leadership to enhance business performance and propel themselves into the future.

Are you ready to move into the future?

Sign up for our Leader As Coach Program and train your leaders to COACH teams & peers to exceed expectations at excelling.

Leader Coach Training Bengaluru
Leader As Coach
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Benefits of being a Leader As Coach

For leaders

➤ Navigate change with vision
➤ Foster innovation and creativity
➤ Lead millennial and Gen-Z teams
➤ Create an Agile culture
➤ Nurture upcoming leaders

For organizations

Improved employee productivity
➤ Increased revenue growth
➤ Stay relevant
➤ Higher employee engagement
➤ Happy workplaces


Leader As Coach Program

We are pioneers in creating dynamic coaching leaders for organizations that want to embed a coaching culture into their systems. We have trained more than 1000 leaders. Listen to a leader who benefitted from our Leader As Coach program spell out why more leaders should take up this program.


Overview of Leader As Coach Program

Our Leader As Coach program is a carefully curated, unique leadership training module structured keeping in mind the needs of current and future corporate leaders.The Leader As Coach program is a vibrant partnership between the coach and the leader. Transformation happens when leaders take ownership of learning and put coaching concepts into practice in between and after sessions. 

Features of Leader As Coach Program

  1. 60 day (minimum) training program based on ICF and EMCC coaching competencies.
  2. We conduct dedicated programs to train leadership at all levels.
  3. Customized content & delivery to suit the diverse needs of organizations and leaders.
  4.  Both online and offline training are available. The location for live training  decided in discussion with the client organization.
  5. Training by Subash CV (MCC), a leading Leadership & Executive Coach, Founder, and Managing Partner of Regal Unlimited.
  6. 10 hours of concepts, theory, processes, and skills plus 10 hours of mentored coaching practice with a Regal Coach.
  7. We cover topics such as Level 5 Leadership, Emotional Quotient for Leaders, and Vulnerability & Authenticity for Leaders to Lead Organizations.
  8. We uphold the spirit of adult learning with relevant, real world assignments that enrich your learning experience.
  9. A session of our flagship and critically acclaimed Regal @60 tool helps you align your life with your personal and professional goals.
  10. 1 hour of personal mentoring after 30 days of the course to address roadblocks.


Who Should Attend the Leader As Coach Program

Following leaders from  organizations and businesses can benefit from our Leader As Coach program: 

➥ CXOs, COOs & CEOs

➥ Corporate leaders across all functions and levels.

➥ HR Leaders

➥ Leaders of small businesses

➥ Team and Project leaders

➥ Middle-level managers stepping up to be leaders

Leader Coach Training Bengaluru

Are you looking for a program tailor-made for your organization? Let’s get on a call to discuss your specific requirements.

Our Leader As Coach Program is Perfect For Your Organization

Leader Coach Training Bengaluru

If You Want Leaders Who Can:

Leader Coach Training Bengaluru

Communicate Effectively

Leader Coach Training Bengaluru

Enhance business performance

Leader Coach Training Bengaluru

Manage intra-team dynamics

Leader Coach Training Bengaluru

Foster creativity in others

Leader Coach Training Bengaluru

Inspire and motivate teams

Leader Coach Training Bengaluru

Develop team members

Leader Coach Training Bengaluru

Think out-of-the-box

Leader Coach Training Bengaluru

Increase team productivity


Leader Coach Training Bengaluru

“Feeling blessed to have been a part of this empowering journey. Thanks, Subhash. This entire process has been a coach to me in itself. It has, in a way, given me a great insight about myself, life, people…. from here, I need to find out how best I can use it and make it a part of my being. Can’t say how good a coach I would be, though I am a more thoughtful person now for sure. As Subhash mentioned- Now is the beginning! Best wishes.”


Leader Coach Training Bengaluru

“Thanks for being my mentor. While I originally signed up because this was a formality to be completed, I realised the true value of being mentored by you, right from our very first session. Also, while I had already been through much of the content during my ACSTH program, your approach was very different and the opportunity to discuss the concepts as they showed up (or not) in my own experience, with a senior coach was invaluable. Working with fellow participants who were new to coaching was also a great experience. Some of their questions provided perspectives that I would not likely explore on my own. Also made the value of bringing a beginner’s mind to everything clear- though obviously it is something that I need to develop in myself.”

Narayan Kamath, ACC

Leader As Coach Blogs

Leader Coach Training Bengaluru
Leader Coach Training Bengaluru

Why Should Leaders Consider Becoming a Coach?

The previous centuries of successful leadership were defined by the ability of leaders to have the correct answers. However, in this century, what is demanded from leadership has undergone a drastic change. Coaching Leadership Style  is the need of the hour to future-proof leadership.

Leader Coach Training Bengaluru

Strategies for Developing Leaders As Coaches

The coaching leadership style is fast gaining momentum in the corporate world. As the corporate world reels under silent (and significant) problems of Moonlighting, Quiet Quitting, & The Great Resignation – the traditional leadership style of Command – Control has to be shunned.

Leader Coach Training Bengaluru

Finding Your Swing- Reasons Why Every Corporate Leader Needs a Leadership Coach

When the struggling professional golfer Rannulph Junnuh meets Bagger Vance, the mysterious caddie, magic happens. In the movie, The Legend of Bagger Vance, Vance helps Junnuh find and perfect his goal swing, and in the process, also shows him how to excel in life.

Test Your Leadership Effectiveness with this Quiz
There are various leadership styles from Charismatic, Transactional, Laissez -faire to Hybrid, and everyone has their own.

The more important thing is your style being effective and creating an impact.

Challenge yourself with this quiz and find out how effective is your leadership style?


Leader As Coach
The new cohort starts soon. Register here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Leader Coach Training Bengaluru

Who are Leaders as Coaches

Leaders as coaches are leaders who follow a coaching style of leadership. This style is characterized by partnering, collaboration, guidance, and support.

Why are coaching leaders or leaders as coaches important?

Daniel Goleman, a renowned author and science journalist has said that coaching leadership style is the leadership style for the 21st century. In an ever-changing world, future-proofing one’s leadership is an obvious step. If you don’t adapt, you put yourself at risk of becoming irrelevant! Blackberry laughed at Apple when the latter launched the iPhone. Today, Blackberry has been reduced to a thing of the past.
As companies pivot towards technology and agile teams, which is important, they risk ignoring the human aspect of the business. A lack of human touch in business will come back to bite a business sooner than expected. If technology and humanity go hand in hand, those are 2 Aces that will help you win again and again. Coaching Leadership style helps harmonize technology and the human element which will place you far ahead of the competition.

How do we deliver Leader As Coach program?

Our Leader As Coach program is a 60 day program (minimum) available both online and offline.

The duration and location of the program is customized as per the requirements of the client organization.

The live, face-to-face program is held at a location decided by the organization.

How does Leader As Coach Program benefit leaders?

The Leader As Coach program benefits leaders in the following ways

  • Future-proof your leadership style
  • Integrate versatile leadership styles
  • Lead diverse personalities effectively
  • Improve collaboration within teams
  • Explore potential as an individual & leader
  • Navigate change with vision
  • Foster innovation and creativity
  • Lead millennial and Gen-Z teams
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Create an Agile culture
  • Nurture upcoming leaders
  • Build coaching culture

How does Leader As Coaching benefit organizations?

The Leader As Coach program benefits organizations in the following ways

More agility, flexibility and adaptability
Emerge as a hotbed of innovation
Develop the leadership pipeline to create able successors
Improved employee productivity
Increased revenue growth
Discover opportunities in uncertainties
Stay relevant for all times  by embedding a coaching culture
Loyal, self-accountable employees
Higher employee engagement
Happy workplaces
Reducing or arresting attrition
Development of a healthy company culture

What do you need to become a Leader As Coach?

  • A coaching mindset
  • An ‘empty cup’
  • Open to learning and unlearning
  • Practice. Practice. Practice. 

What is the fee and course structure of our Leader As Coach program

Type of course: Short
Format: Face to Face & online
Duration: 60 days minimum
Course Fees: Program price variable depending on the number of leaders participating, specific needs of organization and duration of the course. Contact Anirud, …… to enquire pricing.

What does a leadership coach do?

Leadership coaching focuses on creating mindful, compassionate, competent leaders who can inspire and motivate employees and teams. In leadership coaching, a leadership coach works with the client to develop skills, abilities, and competencies to help them perform better as leaders.  Leadership coaching identifies and resolves weaknesses and blind spots to enhance performance and increase effectiveness. So there is more focus on personal development.

How does coaching help leaders?

Leadership coaching benefits leaders personally in the following ways – 

Increased Self-Awareness
Enhanced Self-Confidence
Greater Focus and Building on Strengths
Augmented Communication Skills
The professional benefits of leadership coaching are that it-

Brings New Perspectives
Builds Executive Presence
Improves Business Performance
Improves Teamwork and Collaboration

How much do leadership coaches charge?

Anywhere between INR 50,000 to INR 4,00,000, per leader, depending on the client company’s budget and the professional credentials of the leadership coach