Regal Coach Certification (Level 4&5)

The ICF-PCC Program Vision

At Regal Unlimited, we are committed to training the Coaches in the ‘Pure and Classical’ approach to coaching. In this ICF – PCC program, we aspire to create the best coaches and leaders who coach the Regal way. This program is designed for aspiring coaches to step up their professional coaching practice, the ICF way.

ICF PCC Certification Requirements- For Whom is the Program?

The Regal Coach Certification Level 4&5 program is designed for:

  • ICF ACC credentialed Coaches
  • Aspiring Professional Coaches
  • Leaders, Business Owners, and Professionals who want a deep dive into Professional Coaching
  • HR Leaders, Technology Consultants, and Organizations who are looking to groom their leaders/executives with ‘Coaching Mindset’

Learning Goals for RCC Level 4&5

At the ICF-PCC level

  • The curriculum is designed to embody the coaching mindset and Coach from the State of ‘Being’ 
  • The curriculum stands to deliver at the confluence of Science, Art, and Practice of Coaching. Bringing together the best of the elements from research-backed psychology and the eastern philosophies we aim to provide a wholesome learning environment for the coaches. 
  • The curriculum is in alignment with the ICF-PCC Markers and stands to deliver ICF-PCC Coaching Competencies by the Coach Trainers
  • Finally, to ensure the learning is endured, a rigorous focus on the ‘practice’ of coaching will be undertaken. An ICF – PCC credentialing requires 500 hours of Coaching Hours. We aim to provide an ecosystem for ICF-PCC Coaches to practice coaching hours.

Coaching Philosophy and Model:

The Coaching model we use is R-E-G-A-L. Reality, Exploration, Goal, Action, and Light. Light at the pinnacle here stands for the Self-Actualization need, referred to by Abraham Maslow, and variants thereof. ICF-PCC Coaches, we believe, should be equipped to coach clients to their fullest potential.

Our philosophy: Coaching is a calling. We move to coaching to touch and impact lives. ‘We are blessed to see the transformational shift in our clients through professional coaching’. Coaching is the most customer-centric profession. Every coach is a default coach, every conversation is a mirror held against the coach too, an opportunity to learn & grow. Deciding to be a professional coach is a step closer to the journey of self-transformation first, then to the journey of the client. Being an ICF-PCC coach is a lifelong commitment to learn & grow.

ICF coach certification

How to get ICF – PCC Certification?

If you are in a dilemma whether to shift your gear up towards ICF-PCC certification then view this free Regal webinar on “Why should ICF Coaches Pivot to PCC Coach Training?”

This webinar explains how can an ICF PCC Certification aspirant go about the journey of becoming a Professional Certified Coach. If you are looking for ICF PCC Coach Training, then this webinar explains PCC Certification requirements at length.

Here is about ICF-PCC Certification from our Coaches

We believe ICF- PCC is deeper as it’s more experiential and less theoretical. A team of Professional Certified coaches from our Regal Community shared their insights on the importance of PCC Coach training and the impact of ICF-PCC in their journey of being a Coach. Listen to their experience by reading our blog on WHY SHOULD ICF-ACC Coaches PIVOT to ICF-PCC? 

ICF coach certification

List of Facilitators for ICF-PCC program

Contents of the RCC Level 4&5 program

  1. ICF Coaching competencies: Become a Coach to Being a Coach. Focus on internalizing the competencies at a ‘Being’ level. Focus on a deep understanding of the competency framework, and a lot of practice. 
      1. Competency 1: Demonstrates Ethical Practice
      2. Competency 2: Embodies a Coaching Mindset
      3. Competency 3: Establishes and Maintains Agreements
      4. Competency 4: Cultivates Trust and Safety 
      5. Competency 5: Maintains Presence
      6. Competency 6: Listens Actively
      7. Competency 7: Evokes Awareness
  2. The Business of coaching – Finding your niche, marketing plan, digital marketing, 4 P’s of marketing your coaching business
  3. Elements from Positive Psychology
  4. Transactional Analysis
  5. Leadership, with Spiritual Intelligence
  6. Team Coaching
  7. Others – Regal@60, Coaching Tools, Hero’s Journey, Viktor Frankl
  8. The application process, renewal of credentials, CCEU
  9. The way forward – Being a Coach

Number of Student contact hours for ICF-PCC Credential: ICF Coaching Education requires a minimum of 65 hours of Coach Training (80% of which are synchronous mode of learning)

Dates and Location of when and where the ICF-PCC program will be held: this program is offered both through online and offline mode. Virtual Classes are through Zoom sessions with a global cohort and the face-to-face classroom training sessions are conducted at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai in India. We also do occasional meetups of the ICF Coaches in cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

The upcoming batch of ICF-PCC Credential: The upcoming batch of ICF-PCC credentials will be an Online batch, to know about the dates and details of the ICF-PCC batch, click here. 

Language: The entire program is delivered in the English Language.

Requirements students must meet to enter the ICF-PCC program: The admission to the advanced programs will be based on the qualification, experience and track record of the coach at the ACC level. As a prerequisite, for all our ICF coach training programs to Become a Coach, we look for the coaching mindset. This is done through a series of 1-1 conversations with the prospects. The ICF-PCC program (RCC level 4 & 5) would primarily be based on invite-only.

What is the fees for the ICF-PCC program

The program fee for ICF – PCC certification is INR 2.0 Lac plus taxes ($ 2,700 USD)
The payments can be made in advance, lump sum, or in installments, as preferred by the client.

Policy on withdrawals/refunds:

All the programs at Regal Unlimited have the same refund policy. At any point in time, the client/learner coach has the option to exit the journey. The proportionate refund will be returned, no questions asked.

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