“Your actions drift to where your Attention goes, and your Attention goes where your Intentions take you! Have the right intention; then attention and necessary action will follow!” 

Congrats, if you have completed your ICF-ACC training and are practicing as a Coach. The critical question pressing your mind may be, What next, from here? 

“What got you here, will not get you there. Where are you heading to?” 

And it is a genuine query to have because while conversing with many ICF-ACC credentialed coaches, we realized that there is an air of ambiguity in the ICF-PCC journey. While the process of becoming an ICF-PCC seems to be clear, the INTENTIONS behind pursuing the same are not well documented!

So, we asked a team of ICF-PCC Credentialed Coaches from the Regal Coaches alumni community to share with us insights on the importance & impact of ICF-PCC on their journey as a Coach. The objective of this blog is to put before you, why ICF-ACC coaches pivoted to ICF-PCC. 

For us at Regal Unlimited, it is an opportunity to shift from ‘doing’ to ‘being’ a coach. To shift to the realm of art, on a strong foundation of science and process. Thus the client shifts from What to Who…

We asked them, 

How has ICF-PCC impacted you – professionally & personally.

Should ICF-ACC Coaches pivot to ICF-PCC Credential? What do they stand to gain?

So, if you are ICF-ACC or have completed ICF Coach Training, then this blog helps you understand the inspiration & intentions with which successful Coaches looked at ICF-PCC


ICF – PCC is more Experiential & Less Theoretical

PCC journey involves looking at the same Core Coaching Competencies in a different way; through a different lens; from a different level. That experience translates itself into our life – both Professional and personal.

Since it’s more experiential (less theoretical), the way we approach our Clients changes; the way WE ARE, CHANGES.

It was a significant chapter for me in 2016.

Though the ICF PCC certification for me started with a professional advancement objective, it ended up serving many purposes – including a change in the way we are, as a Coach.

Therefore, I would definitely recommend ICF PCC certifications for ACC Coaches.


Gain visibility as a Coach

ICF PCC has helped me professionally & personally. Professionally it has supported me to gain more visibility as a Coach. And personally, it has helped me in the transition from state of “Doing” to “Being”


ICF PCC digs deep – into Mastery

Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. If you want to dig a well and find water, then one needs to dig it deep enough. PCC is about mastery of coaching skills and it is only mastery that helps us harvest the fruits of our labor. I strongly recommend ACC to complete their coaching journey with ICF PCC Certification.


ICF-PCC has been a self-purification exercise

It has considerably changed my behavior, especially my listening skills leading to an enormous improvement in my relationships. I have become more receptive to feedback and considerably less judgmental. The ability to accept things as they are has increased. The focus has now shifted from finding mistakes to finding positives first.

ACC helps you deal with WHAT whereas PCC helps deal with the WHO. In the process, it is a self-purification exercise.


While ICF ACC deals with the ‘WHAT’, ICF-PCC takes you to understand the ‘WHO’

At an ACC level, we understand the importance of questioning and the various kinds of questions one could use. But it’s still pretty mechanical. We understand the what of the coachee and can coach them accordingly.

However, at the ICF – PCC level, we go deeper, into the “who” of the person. The unconscious self of the coachee, where most of their decisions are driven from. That helps make real shifts. Many of our problems need transformation at that level. A shallow level of what needs to be done doesn’t work there. It is for these intrinsic level situations that a PCC works the best. And like I said above, every deep coaching session heals, not only the coachee but the coach themselves. It is a surreal journey.

I would highly recommend ACCs to experience this and add depth to their coaching. Having tasted the goodness of coaching, it’ll do a world of good to your coaching by diving deeper and adding this cutting edge to your practice.

It’s impacted me hugely. When I started this journey, I thought I was going to learn something. I felt the learning would be at a cognitive level. However, once in the learning journey, I realized it was something much deeper. I started looking at myself, others, and things around me differently.

To top it off, the trainers from Regal Unlimited acted as true facilitators, facilitating these shifts within us, helping us look at deeper insights, shifting perspectives, and transforming into a new me.

This is a journey, I would highly recommend everyone to go through. It’s not just learning, but something much deeper to experience.


ICF PCC is a critical factor, considered for Coaching assignments by Corporations

Having a PCC certification is often table stakes to be considered for a coaching assignment by companies. Corporations are looking for ICF PCC Credentialed Coaches for the assignments. There’s also an enormous amount of learning in the journey from an ACC to a PCC. Personally, It’s taught me to be more empathic in all my interactions.


ICF PCC enables you to be a more Confident Coach

The ICF-PCC has impacted me immensely, starting from personal awareness to being able to present myself as a confident professional coach in front of my clients. It has enabled me to be in a position where I am meaningfully helping my clients while at the same time growing myself.


Why ICF – PCC for Coaches – Conclusion 

We began with  – Right Intention propels Right Action. It’s true with ICF-PCC.

These successful Coaches from diverse backgrounds converge on one critical element – While ICF ACC might have been a professional necessity, ICF – PCC certification begets a lot of personal development (going deeper into who we are as a COACH and who we are as a BEING) It adds a definitive edge in getting coaching assignments, sharpens the practice and makes a coach more confident and closer to demonstrating mastery. 

At Regal Unlimited, we focus on Coaching from the state of “BEING” and fine-tuning the ART of Coaching in our ICF-PCC Coaches so that every Coaching conversation with the clients is at a Mastery Level. Having trained and mentored several ICF aspirants we take pride in nurturing an elite & strong community of 250+ ICF Coaches. 

If you are looking for ICF-PCC in India, then partner with the BEST ICF-PCC Certification provider. Regal Unlimited is one such pioneer and the best in the category! We are starting a dedicated cohort for ICF-PCC. This is an online, virtual ICF PCC coach training program at convenient times for professionals!

Write to us: info@regalunlimited.com for more details.

We are also hosting a FREE Webinar to clarify any queries you might have regarding ICF – PCC.

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