Coaching comes to our lives when we are ready, at all levels. Just as the Master manifests when the student is ready. The only difference, here it is not the Person, but the process of coaching. Of course, the Master is as much a process.

So, when someone says, ‘I am an accidental coach’, be assured it is coming from a space of ego backed ignorance. Nothing is a coincidence.

Another way of looking at it is, coaching was always within us. We just chose to tap into that part of consciousness, for collective good (not personal wealth!)

Journey Vs Destination: If you are on the coaching “journey” (not a tactical sprint), you will recognize. By being in that space of allowance, we will see that connect strengthening. The deep work also helps to strengthen the grounding. Best learning can happen only from a space of humility, curiosity/not knowing, and being comfortable with it.

Yes, completing the journey at a certain pace, getting the certification (eg, from Regal Unlimited), and ICF Credential (ACC/PCC/MCC). It does not end there, continued practice, mentoring feedback (also known as ‘supervision’), and more deep work.

What are the 3 important elements of your coaching journey?

  • Content: The fact that the program got to be approved is a minimum criterion. For example, an approved ACSTH program by the International Coaching Federation, the gold standard in coaching. The approved content of ICF lays stress (80%) on ICF coaching competencies.

What you also need to look for, read between the lines, is how much the training institute is compliant with the ICF framework. If someone feels it is ok to give some advice, it is in violation of the ICF code of ethics. ‘To serve the customer’, or ‘to fulfill customer expectations’ are lame excuses.

The customer interests are better served when the coach stays with the process. As the underlying assumption is the coachee is complete, it does not need any external advice or magic advice from the all-knowing expert!

  • Delivery: One option is to focus on a lot of theory, back it up with multiple webinars, and other gyaan. Another option is to just focus on practice, practice. The aspiring coach is also complete. What s/he needs is only the coaching framework, and mastery thereof, as a science and the art of coaching.

This journey is within. There is a limited role for books and all other external resources.

  • Community: Coaching is more about others, and then about ourselves. #I2We2He. In the same spirit, coaching is as much about the community, that you are part of.

Here, we have created an alumni community, for continued learning and business collaboration. This alumni body makes coach training at Regal Unlimited a unique one.

If you have not considered coach training, certification by Regal Unlimited, you may not be considering the best in category.

The batch starting on June 20th is full. Pls standby for the announcement of our next batch for Regal Coach Certification and ICF approved Coach training, certification. Congrats to learner-coaches who chose to travel this leg of the journey with us.

Best wishes for a transformational journey… within yourselves, and for the certification.

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