ICF PCC certification journey is a life-transforming roller coaster ride that requires courage and commitment, not only to the journey but also to your life. It can be tough and rigorous but, at the same time, fun too.

We invited Rekha H (MCC – ICF, Mentor Coach, Coach Supervisor & Team Coach) to help us take a look at the look at the tough and fun features and requirements of the ICF PCC certification.

Features of ICF PCC certification

Step up in training hours, content & complexity

You will have additional 65 hours of training, out of which 80% will be in the classroom. The content is more vast and complex when compared to ACC.

Greater accountability

The ICF PCC certification journey differs from the ACC certification or any other training you might have gone through. Here you will be called on to be a partner. You will be asked to ‘pull’ this training towards you. We will not push you or push anything on you. The more you pull, the more you get. Therefore, the responsibility of getting maximum value from this journey lies entirely on you!

More complex assignments

You will do a number of assignments that are at various levels of complexity. They will trigger new levels of thinking, very similar to what we would want our clients to do in coaching sessions.

More coaching hours

You are required to complete 500 hours of coaching to apply for your ICF PCC certification. That’s five times more than what’s necessary at the ACC level! PCC is, therefore, a game of patience and perseverance.

Sustained commitment

Like most PCC aspirants, when you start the journey your enthusiasm and energy levels will be high. You will sustain this energy throughout the formal training program; the structure of the program will see to that. Once the training program is complete and the formal structure is not available to you, you will find your energy levels drop. Life takes over. Other priorities in your life take a front seat and PCC recedes to the background. You may even start asking yourself if you want to continue. Your commitment levels to the journey may drop. All of this is absolutely normal!

Staying on the ICF PCC Certification path

So how can one keep the momentum going? Here are some ways that also showcase the best parts of the ICF PCC certification journey

Connect to your purpose

Getting reconnected to your purpose is one of the ways that you’ll be able to keep going. Look back at why you enrolled in this program. 

What was your goal? 

Where did you want to reach? What for? 

What called you into this journey?

Reflecting on your purpose and reconnecting with it once more can get you back on track.

If the whole ‘why I started’ no longer appeals, inspires, or seems relevant to you, recreate another ‘why’ for the rest of your journey!  It is very important to reinvent ourselves so as to feel renewed and refreshed from time to time in life. The same holds true for ICF PCC certification. 

Supportive cohort family

And then, of course, you have the large cohort of coaches who are there to support you. They are friends who have your back. You can’t have better accountability partners!

Accessible mentors

You also have supervision which you can use for you to be able to deal with your challenges and for you to be able to bounce back.

Increased competency

As your competence levels go up, your confidence in yourself as a coach also increases. This can help you attract a more elite league of clients, something you wouldn’t have thought possible earlier.


Last and definitely not least, you will experience the joy of witnessing the transformation in your own life as you bring yourself fully into conversations as a client and as a coach. Be ready for outcomes beyond what you would have dreamt of! 

So are you ready for the ICF PCC certification adventure? A journey of excitement, rigor, and fun!

If you haven’t already signed up, here’s the perfect opportunity. Connect with us to book your berth in the next cohort.

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