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It gives Regal Unlimited great pride to announce that the most recent batch of ICF PCC has graduated and yes, it is time for celebration! The team of eight passionate coaches from across HR/ L&D, Accounts, Finance and Marketing to NLP coaches and trainers kicked off their engagement in January this year with the guidance of ICF-certified MCC coaches, Subash CV and Rekha H.

As is the custom, we made an effort to take feedback about the course, inclusive of things that helped them, things they learnt as well as things they think should definitely need a lookout. So, without mincing their words, here is what they had to say about the ICF PCC programme.

Impact of the ICF PCC program

At the outset, they established that the programme enthused them to step up their coaching proficiencies. They began to project greater presence and were consciously competent to develop a greater focus, confidence and comfort in being themselves. “In the first few sessions, I did not experience anything big but as we progressed, I began to consciously combat several deficiencies I possessed. It kept the momentum on and also gave me courage to see myself as an MCC coach.”, said one member. A learner coach remarked, “I guess it was a good decision to choose ICF PCC immediately after completing the ICF  ACC course. The sessions gave me the confidence and comfort to be myself. I am a different person now.”

Clear takeaways from the coaching engagement to be implemented in their daily lives encompassed patience to listen better and the imminent need to drop judgments and biases to be effective coaches. The continued support only made it easier to deal with it, they claim.

My wife says that after the course, I am a better listener! (laughs) I liked the Transactional Analysis (TA) sessions which dealt with controlling parent and all. It helps us understand who we are when these personal drivers are activated.”, a participant enthusiastically said. He added, “the journey was personally fulfilling.”

Most of them readily agreed that it was no simple feat working with their judgments and biases and more so, to give up the racing urge to give advice or solutions to every problem they encounter.  Also, the importance of a ‘cohort’ cannot be undermined in the coaching process. One of the accomplished coaches enrolled into these sessions to fulfill the need to work as a cohort. And that she did effectively, both at the ICF ACC & the ICF PCC level.

Perhaps, physical sessions would have enhanced the cohort spirit to nudge the team into building accountability to their commitments. Since we are a community of 300+ Credentialed Coaches, we invite the members of the community to interact with the ICF  PCC Learner Coaches. The guest speakers add diverse perspectives and amplify learning at the ICF PCC level. Invitation of ICF Credentialed guest mentors from diverse backgrounds to address the learners to deepen learning got the most number of nods to be a positive boost to their engagement, no denying the special efforts made by these guest coach mentors to embolden novel viewpoints.

The new perspectives brought in by the trainers were interesting and insightful.”, many of them acknowledged.

In summation, the participants for the ICF PCC conveyed great satisfaction upon completion of the course. They promised to move away from being too outcome focussed and work towards completion of their coaching hours not as a means to the PCC certification but as a milestone in their coaching endeavours. It was perceived as a deep value addition that definitely enriched their lives and in the future, through them, enrich the lives of several aspiring leaders too. 

As a forward-thinking, ICF Approved Coach Training Institute, Regal Unlimited is committed to high quality engagement sessions from only qualified coach trainers and mentors to ensure that the regal fledglings who spread wings to take flight do so with absolute confidence, clarity and competence.  JOIN REGAL UNLIMITED FOR ICF PCC. Contact: info@regalunlimited.com or Register your query at

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