• When it comes to choosing anything critically important, do you go by a herd mentality?
  • Do you go by what others ‘tell’ you, or suggest, recommend?
  • Even after you do all the evaluation, are you influenced by what others in your network have chosen?
  • Are you even aware? While making choices, or otherwise?
  • Are you making a choice that would serve you better for your life journey to your full potential?

“Coaching” comes into your life when you are ‘ready’ at a deeper level. This is truly a ‘Hero’s Journey (Joseph Campbell). It is a very personal and individual journey, different for each one of us. Not like engineering for a software job at the entry-level or a commerce graduate looking for the first banking job. (I did latter briefly)

Coach training to ‘Become a Coach’ is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.You deserve the best!

Jaago coach, Jaago… Right coach training zaroori hai!

Great that you have narrowed and found ICF Coach Training to become a coach, but unfortunately still people are continuing to make certain lapses in selecting the Right Coach training program!!! 

1. The organization decides the ICF Coach Training program. Really?

A young corporate leader was exploring various ICF coach training and certification programs. There was indirect/subtle pressure to choose the same entity wherefrom her senior colleague was pursuing her ICF certification. This lady explored all options, weighed all the ICF Certification programs, and resisted the pressure to chose a different ICF Coach training program (followed her heart and ). She was taking responsibility for her life choices.

ICF approved coach training and certification program, Regal Coach Certification (Level 2 and 3)

2. Distraction is for Mediocre. Gain Mastery on becoming an ICF Coach first…

An experienced/senior corporate leader was evaluating which Coach training program to take. He recently updated, ‘I have been recommended to opt for ABC’s coach training program’. The reason? Along with ICF training, someone has ‘bundled’ other services as well. 

The choice is yours. But are you exercising your choice?

When you want to drink water, do you dig one well, or multiple wells? Why ride two horses, or bikes; as a Hindi actor made his sensational debut, riding two bikes! Why not Choose one area (ICF framework or the other), and gain mastery? 

When it comes to choosing your Guru, it is better to choose one… a real Guru, who has and demonstrates unconditional spiritual love for you, even beyond ‘unconditional positive regard’ in therapy.

Every Guru is a coach, every coach is a guru in the making. Hence, transformational coaching is first a self-journey, then learn to coach.

3. What worked for them, will it work for YOU TOO?

Another senior professional has just made the choice! Are you opting for a specific program just because your colleagues or friends have done it with them, are doing it elsewhere? Herd mentality?

“What ties did you break this week?”

Sundar Pichai learned the question from his leadership coach, Bill Campbell. ‘Campbell wasn’t speaking about breaking ties as in cutting off relationships. Rather, he was reminding Pichai that he needed to break stalemates.’ ( courtesy Inc. )

What worked for them, need not necessarily craft magic for you. Every Coachee has a different reason to pick up ICF Coach Training, they have different aspirations and expectations from ICF Coach Training programs. At Regal Unlimited, we have seen some of our coaches who took ICF Coach Training for self-discovery, some for professional growth in their workplace, and some to transition to become professional coaches

At a deeper level, it is about breaking all the karmic ties that are preventing you from moving towards your full potential.

Disclosure: One of my healing certifications is ‘Cutting the Ties that Bind’.

4. ICF Coach Mentoring is key to this journey to Become a Coach

Received two calls of coaches on their training journey, and heard about their struggles. The support you need along the way is key to mastery. Else, the learning would be like Prince Abhimanyu able to enter the chakravyuh, not get out. Here the coach will not help the future clients to make the transformational shift. Also not move from ‘becoming a coach’ to ‘Being a Coach’, for the coach. Neither will reach their full potential. 

The Right ICF Coach Training 

Coaching is also about being courageous. It starts with taking responsibility for the choices we make. It does not come from following others blindly! 

The right Coach training comes from self-evaluation; have a Coach trainer who resonates with you, understands your needs and expectations for ICF Coach Training and is willing to be your partner for the ICF certification journey and beyond. It is your journey, your life and it should be YOUR CHOICE.

Schedule a call with the Coach-Trainer/Mentor to check the Coach-Trainer Compatibility 

ICF approved ACSTH coach training program for aspiring coaches, uncredentialed coaches, corporate leaders, business owners, professionals: https://www.regalunlimited.com/icf-approved-coach-training-certification/

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