Greetings from Regal Unlimited. We hope you are doing well during these challenging times. Trust your family, friends are all safe and well. How are you dealing with the restrictions – Lockdown, WFH, uncertainty (VUCA, re-defined)?

For leaders, in all areas (corporate to political to administration to not-for-profit), all verticals within, and at all levels, this is the challenge of a lifetime. Every leader will script his/her legacy based on how s/he managed this crisis. Hence, also an opportunity. As lockdown is being lifted in stages, the real challenge will be to contain the spread of virus, and get life back to the new normal. Learning is one of our fundamental needs. Why delay the learning?

At Regal Unlimited, we have been in touch with our coaches, coachees/clients, and others. We have been conducting a series of conversations to support each other. We are all in this together, in this moment of crisis.

A lot of coaching always happened online. Our in-house/foundation coach training programs (RCC) also has been conducted online/live. As for ICF programs, the follow-up sessions in between classroom sessions always were online/live. Thanks to the current learner-coaches, we have moved all the four ongoing batches online, clocking extra hours of online training sessions.

Happy to share that we are starting an online batch for ICF approved coach training on June 20, 2020.

  • ICF is the gold standard in coaching. Over the last 5 plus years, we have trained over 180 coachesand created one of the best coaching community in this part of the world. Also over 1,000 leaders through leadership workshops.
  • Virtual/live program, over the weekend, hence flexible. Occasional connect in your cities when the situation improves.
  • ICF Approved Program (ACSTH). The focus is on ICF coaching framework, based on ICF coaching competencies, coaching tools and other resources. This program is at the confluence of western and eastern thoughts.
  • Be part of an exclusive alumni community, for continued learning and business collaboration. (#RegalCoaches).
  • The journey consists of 60 hours of training, 10 hours of mentoring, 100 hrs of practice, and assignments, as required by ICF – we support you throughout, and beyond.
  • For basic information:
  • For a detailed brochure please visit
  • Facilitated by an experienced and professional coach & mentor, Subash CV, MCC (ICF), INSEAD alum, SP (EMCC), and a healer. Supported by a small, exclusive group of professional coaches, and alumni #RegalCoaches.
  • For Registration/Queries mail to
This is a transformational journey to become a coach and being a coach, with its rigor and depth, but with the flexibility based on adult-learning methodologies. Our focus is on coaching practice, practice and practice. Learn to coach the #iCFway.

Please let us know if you are interested to join this virtual batch. Looking forward to your reply.

If you are a certified coach/ on the ICF certification journey already, request you to pass on this information within your circle.

#StaySafe, stay blessed.

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