This journey, as an entrepreneur, a leadership coach & ICF mentor coach, has been veritable a roller coaster ride, over the last 7 plus years. I am grateful for your support along the way.
Glad to share ICF nomination as #ICFCoachoftheweek. Divine grace (‘Guru Kripa’, said my yoga-coach), support from family and friends, like you.
Sharing here, in case you missed the social media updates (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram). Check out:
–  An Intro: Anything you did not know of me?
Why coaching? I always considered it my blessings to be able to witness.
A video I was always comfortable being behind the camera. “Photography is my hobby”. And some other beliefs… ‘A coach should still be in the background’, being the latest
‘To those whom much is given, much is expected’. That is what this nomination means to me. Grateful. 
Stay safe, stay blessed.
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