Last week one of my coachees suggested we schedule a chat purely to discuss, ‘how to develop intuition?’ He is a high-flying corporate honcho. I was delighted! Such corporate leaders are shifting the “corporate consciousness” to a higher level.

Came across this post, Go With Your Gut: How to Use Your Intuition to Succeed in Business. It is never a coincidence. It pays to be intuitive for business leaders & entrepreneurs. And intuition, like a muscle, needs to be developed. Else the ‘monkey’ mind will interfere & the result may not be for the “highest good”. This list is good to start with. Need to go deeper to be truly intuitive. At that level, work and life can become truly blissful.


Master says we ‘speak of mere concentration as meditation. But that is level-1. Level-2 is contemplation and level-3, truly Meditation’. As such, perhaps at mindfulness level, we are at level-1.

Needless to add, this is spiritual. Everything is, isn’t?

To be truly intuitive,

– MEDITATE (not mere mindfulness, concentration or contemplation…but deep meditation).

– HEART vs. head (not ‘moneky’ mind!) – give way to the heart. Head has restricted our self- awareness… as to who we really are.

– YOGA – not because of international yoga day. But ‘chitta vritti nirodhaha’

– PRACTICE –  it does not happen suddenly. But a journey… Get a coach. 

At that level we remain connected with our Higher Consciousness (HiC) or the Creator or God Self.

Is it relevant to a corporate leader? It will help him/her to operate from a state of ‘Unconscious Competence‘!! Then no ‘effort’!

PS: Who Am I? (Ramana) ‘I am Light’ (Dr Wayne Dyer). ‘I am That’ (Nisargatta Maharaj). I am ‘Sat-chit-ananda’ (scriptures)

Few more thoughts: (woke up with these thoughts – intuitive? I firmly believe, “YES”. And that is spirituality in action or ‘practical spirituality’ for me! And I am trying to develop that ‘muscle’, with humility)

Lead a spiritual life – work and life (professional & personal, that is) based on ethics and values. Development of sixth sense or gut or intuition will not happen when I am not living a life based on truth and righteousness. ‘Difficult to practice at work’ I hear. That is because of my trust and commitment, or lack of it. It is a matter of conviction and practice.

We are also a victim of #belief, we will suffer if we live by truth and righteousness (a la Raja Harischandra)! That story was relevant to a different era. The opposite is true now. Obstacles get cleared, often before it manifests!

It pays to be intuitive. It calls for effort. And, the experience will be beautiful!

Master’s Voice: Make your conscience your guide and preceptor

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