How will Trump rebuild his brand:
1. He has to make a choice, on his brand. Then the direction he wants to take as POTUS
2. Select the best people for the job. Get the very best. ‘The captain is as good as his team’.
3. Set the agenda – make a choice whether it should be driven by
– I/Me/Mine (or IQ)
– We : Government/US/NATO (or EQ)
– He : The Divine & His entire creation (Purusha & Prakriti) or SQ, Spiritual Quotient
He comes with no political baggage. Is an outsider. There are so many analysis on political leadership available now, which none of his predecessors had the luxury of. Use it.
Be mindful of personal #legacy and future of USA.
PS: Americans who don’t support Trump can not loose hope and stay out nation building

Campaigner Trump was different from Prez-elect Trump. He will be very different as POTUS.

Also, the underlying assumption is, as Master would say, ‘every living being, knowingly or unknowingly, is on a spiritual pilgrimage‘.

POTUS is no different
#Leadership #I2We2He #IQ2EQ2SQ

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