– Transactional coaches focus on body language! Isn’t that unfair to the client?
– Transformational coaches go beyond the tactical body language to ‘listen’ at all levels. We listen deeply when we close our eyes.

In the depths of silence, the voice of God can be heard, Master reminds.

Unless trained, certified, credentialed, experienced, with continued deep work & learning, a coach is not equipped to partner with the coachee to facilitate the transformational shift.

Let’s go beyond #bodylanguage. Let the communication be beyond the mere senses. Tap into the intuition/gut.

‘Coaching is bigger than coaching’ – Sir John Whitmore
‘A coach is bigger than the coach’ – A professional coach, a #RegalCoach

The client organization’s/coachee’s interests are best served when coaching is truly transformational. The good news is it can be learned. It has to be learned. #learn2coach. 

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