Lehmann won’t stay: to step down after South Africa series

‘Lehmann as Coach’, says the image (PC @EconomicTimes)

– He was not being a coach, a mere leader/trainer/tactician?

– A coach is bound by the rules, values, and ethics, in letter & spirit.

– A coach is more focused on the process and does not suffer from performance pressure. Coaching is a holistic, ‘… a creative process that inspires the coachees to maximize their potential, personal &  professional’ (@ICFHQ definition of Coaching). The personal potential is ahead of professional potential, as it is first about the person at the core, then what s/he is at work/elsewhere.

Smith, Warner, Lehmann… are all mere metaphors.

What is in our collective conscious that these are happening around us: in cricket, (a gentleman’s game!)/sports, corporate, politics, or even family. Leadership in crisis?

We train/mentor aspiring coaches. We also coach leaders.


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