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Most of us work at either of the two levels – At a ‘victim’ level or at a ‘Control’ level. Both are not good enough. Very few are fortunate to move up to a higher level and work for the Divine. (Inspiration courtesy, ‘Zero Limits’).

Shivinder Singh has perhaps responded to his ‘calling’ and just did that, to work for the Divine. He is going to do ‘Seva’ or service at a spiritual (not a religious, thankfully) organization. He has opted to stay on with the board. At that level, he has the option to coach & mentor, and discharge duties at the third level, for the Divine.

He is just 40 years ‘young’. Earlier, people would take up such work as a post-retirement activity. Blame it on the belief or the fourth stage, ‘Sanyasa’. At that age usually we are not the fittest, both physically & mentally. A younger body would obviously be more appropriate to work for the Divine.

Very few of us are able to listen, let alone respond to the calling! We are so caught up with the day-to-day drama.

PS: Robin Sharma may add, ‘another monk has sold his Ferrari’.

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