Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is one of my role models in this space. (Just as Sachin is for Virat, though all comparisons end there, with ref to latter 🙂 )

Came across this interesting post by Dr marshall.https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/5-ways-get-ahead-coach-marshall-goldsmith?trk=prof-post

Just as Yin & Yang, Left & Right Brain (imaginary), positive & negative… to be successful coach we got to combine great coaching skills with business acumen.

1. Good Coach: We all are in this space courtesy, the proverbial ‘Inner Calling’, ‘to make a difference’. Then we pursue the training, learning, certification, credentialing (ICF, for example) and continued learning…  (else it is not coaching, but mentoring, consulting, etc)

At the core of all these is to be authentic, transparent, vulnerable as a person. Gita speaks of thought-word-deed alignment (trikarnasudhi). That comes from a deep sense of not-knowing, curious space, which is to coach from a state of Being. Ability to

Ability to let go, as Dr Marshall would always remind us… And how we can be in that state, always… That is beyond the ‘walk the talk’.  I got to be a real human being first, to be a good coach?

2. Great Coach: This is borrowing from Jim Collins’ classic, ‘good to great’, for the business/practice of coaching.  And I use these as synonyms. This comes with the need to manage the business as a passionate entrepreneur. Work on all parameters, like 4P and beyond. This was one of big lessons I learnt from Dr Marshall Goldsmith during his key note address at ICF Dubai Chapter event. (Something I have quoted extensively interacting with/facilitating aspiring coaches)

Supplement this with a lot of pro bono work. (‘Self Satisfaction’ comes before ‘Self Sacrifice’, from a spiritual & selfless space). More importantly, volunteer within coaching fraternity too.

As I head out to spend rest of the day with fellow-coaches, going with a lot of positive energy. For I don’t see coaches as competition, but just partners in a transformational journey (within and beyond)

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