22 May 2013: #Karma of Customer Service.

I am an unlucky customer, I guess. I had three problems, shall share on last-in-first-out basis:

1. TataSky has gone dead. I logged on to their website and lodged a complaint. I get a an ‘Auto Response’ with the service request reference number, as the subject. The concluding line of the mail says, ‘This is an auto generated mail. Our representative will get in touch with you within 2 working days‘.

  • There is a saying in our villages, ‘a mild change in weather, and you catch a cold’. TataSky is still worse. At the slightest change in weather, the signals goes dead. Of course, once in a while, ‘NO TV’ at home is very “positive” vibration!
  • But my problem is entirely different. Why an “auto” response at all. Anything “auto” is mechanical.
  • For something as ‘important’ as television services, how can the company ‘take’ by force “two working days” !!And, why working days, it should be irrespective of working or holiday, day or nightm, faster. Is that not a global benchmark in services ?!

2. Club Mahindra Holidays: I am a proud member of this leading time-share holidays. But when I want to reach out them, it is a nightmare

  • Have been trying to reach out at call center. IVR gets activated after some 10+ rings !! That must be a one of the worst
  • Then I am guided with simple options. When I try to reach a representative, no chance!
  • Over the years, we have learnt to ‘keep trying’. So, tried couple of times over last couple of days. Finally got them this evening. Was on hold for over 5 minutes, after selection of option to talk to a representative.
  • The call center rep was frank enough to tell me ‘the number of calls are more in the afternoon compared to mornings‘ and ‘the sheer load has gone up, being the holiday season‘!!
  • As a customer, is it not my prerogative to call at a time of my convenience? And, should they not be more prepared to handle the higher load? Most important, is it going to be the quality of service in future in other areas…
  •  Even when I sent a mail in response to their mailer today, the response comes with subject ‘ ‘MHRIL=005-454-072′

#3 was a different story. Had an issue with Linkedin. Put an on-line request, they were prompt to give me solution, for my confirmation. Got a quick response to my tweet too, from LinkedinIndia. No ‘auto’ replies, or ‘two working days’. Just quick resolution.

Why is that not the usual practice across all brands?!
I hope brands like IKEA will take the customer service to a new level. Just for that reason, I would like to see ‘Amazon.com’ of the world come to India.

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