The coaching journey, over the last few months, has been a beautiful experience!

  • First it was blissful ignorance of the art of coaching ????
  • Then it was the thinking ‘I knew it, having done it all along’, during my corporate journey. (If all of us genuinely practiced coaching at work, corporate world would have been very different!)
  • Later, the awareness of the level of knowledge, or lack of it! The only silver-lining was ‘it was after all the beginning of wisdom’ ????
  • Intense learning at the next phase: Face-to-Face (F2F or classroom) sessions, tele-classes, assignments, reflections and a lot of extra-reading.
  • Along the way started trying out the process, with a lot of humility and self-awareness. The beauty of the process was all we need to do was to stick to it, as we always knew, with any process! Mentor-Coach would emphasise. But he kept adding new ‘twists’ to the process, as we learnt. The learning was intense and very powerful.
  • Active listening, Powerful Questions, Coaching tools/models, etc became integral part of the armour.
  • The learning was tested at every phase through actual coaching, monitored, and otherwise, as few friends signed up for coaching (big thanks to all of them).
  • Somewhere the expressions, ‘Be with the client’, ‘jugalbandhi’, ‘Dance with the Client’ became the aspirational coaching-goals.
  • The final round of coaching practices also were not reaching the levels of Enchantment for Client. I was experimenting, thus not on target! (Chk out earlier post: Push Boundaries)
  • Then the final round, with external evaluator and the increased pressure, not to miss the target in the final ‘test’. Self-imposed pressure for high performance ????
  • I had tried to focus on the ‘impending’ evaluation, from the previous evening!
  • Then it happened. The session……
  • I stayed with the client… tried a couple of relevant tools. Tested my model. Stuck to the process and the learning.

Outcome: It turned out to be one great coaching experience for the client, and hence, for yours truly. And… I danced with the client!

Blissfully ????

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