Here is an update…
As I tried out various options and kind of short-listed few of them, the confusion remained. I did not want to spend a fortune, but wanted the safety, comfort & hassle-free driving experience. Wanted to ensure family had a big say in the choice.
While I was making a decision based on ‘head’, family was looking at more from the ‘heart’ !! Understandably so…

As the final step, I wrote to a few experts in the media.

I am looking for a SUV/premium small car in the price range Rs 15 Lac +/-.
Have looked at Innova, Polo, Yeti 4X2, i20. Confused…

  • Pls advise
  • How is Yeti 4×2 performance/feedback ? In favour of this, more than others

None of them responded, except one… Srinivas Krishnan, from BS Motoring:

We can see you’re confused just by looking at your shortlist! The Innova is a vehicle that we would recommend without thinking twice. It is proven and it is the benchmark among all people carriers sold in the country. What’s amazing is that it still holds it value over the years. On the other hand, the Yeti is one of our all-time favourite vehicles – amongst cars, UVs or SUVs! We like its brilliant dimensions – which make it easy to drive on city roads – and the flexibility of space on the inside. Its 4×2 version is perfectly sorted, as it brings the cost of the vehicle down. The 4×2 version may not be powerful, but it is more than adequate for virtually all needs. The steering is great, it rides and handles well and it looks nice too. The only downside is the transmission and a heavy clutch. The Yeti is up for a facelift in the near future, but that is still some time away. If you like it, do go for it. But if you want to play it safe, the Innova it is.
That was really cool.. just to reply and the effort to share his thoughts… God Bless…

Needless to add, I went into the next level, finalised and took delivery end of December 12… of a Skoda Yeti. It is less than a month, made three out of city trips and two trips into the city, on Sunday and today ???? Cross country was a far better driving experience, thanks to better roads & sane traffic sense!

I am enjoying the drive… safe & responsible driving !

PS: SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY : or lack of it !
I had written to some other experts, who claim #1 in India, etc. I approached an expert from the MF industry, reg a high ticket investment. I got a response, ‘all queries may not be responded’. Wonder, on what basis they decide the importance ? On random sampling ?!!Why give the stupid customer the option at all ? BTW, I am surprised to go thru similar so-called social-network-strategy of some other big players too. If they can not handle queries, why ever give the option on the website ?

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