Not sure if it was the continued influence of writer’s block or something else. Kept waiting for the inspiration to write, post…. It did not happen!

After picking up the prompt for the day-1, I was sure I would not go by the prompt/script. I will try to be original:)  Indeed, very original, continuing the wait for the so-called inspiration! And it did not happen. Here I am trying to make a start… and expecting, universe may conspire to take me to a topic that will excite me to catch up with #YourTurnChallenge.

Preparing for a totally new type of training session on Saturday, in another city. So, traveling on Friday. Have been busy otherwise this week, so far. Will be so tomorrow too. Mind pre-occupied with session on Saturday. Physically busy, with some routine stuff. In the process, unable to activate my creative cells of brain to write something for today. The topic is very exciting. But, being for the first time, on that topic, just a bit busy with preparations.

As Robin Sharma may add, ‘if you are not over-prepared, you are under-prepared’. Can’t agree more. (or is that a self-limiting #belief?) Perhaps on any other familiar forum, I would have preferred to go extempore. Don’t want to try that with this new group and organizers! Would rather over-prepare & fail, rather than under-prepare & fail!

This is something I wanted to do sometime later this year. But the opportunity has manifested almost 12 months in advance. Feeling very grateful.

Managed to write a few lines. Surely therapeutic, as always. Will think of something magic for tomorrow…

Signing off with a fav quote… ‘We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. But a spiritual being on a human journey

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