Reached Kerala, via Coimbatore… Very nostalgic….
Remembered my alma mater respectfully. Full of gratitude for parents. Dad rated my 2 yr stint, very unaffordable then, as one of his best decisions in life. Also my senior cousins, who were my local guardians…

Great to be in a city, used to be known as ‘Manchester of East’! Wonder, how it is now !
Had spent just two short years in high school. Re-discovered myself academically, more importantly, discovered myself in sports/games and extra-curricular activities. But for those two years, I would never have been aware of some hidden talent. When the Rev Father told my dad I may have a future in movies, dad was at his ‘fauji-best’. He had responded with an emphatic ‘no’, albeit respectfully. No regrets though, esp when what Kamal Hassan, one of all-time greats of Indian cinema is going through for his ‘Viswaroopam’

Today, experiential training uses outdoor activities and also music/drama/dance etc extensively. As I take baby steps in those directions, those experiences in extra-curricular activities will stand in good stead. More importantly, some fond memories of trying, winning, losing, practising, strategising, team-work, passion…..

Extra curricular activities in schools and colleges are as important as academics, of course moral education/value based education is the most important.

Devotion and morality are as important for physical health as they are for mental health. They free your mind from agitation, and feed it with joy and contentment

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