Some of us wait for luck to smile on us…

Some of us work hard for a good career. Some others work harder for a great career (that is a #belief, from healing perspective. And that affects at multiple levels!). We know it was not so simple, mathematical! But we just refuse to accept.

We know if we follow our passion, we would be great at it. Steve Jobs to Marshall Goldsmith keep reminding us. But some of us just refuse to follow passion!

Some of us will find excuses not to sacrifice relationship for same of accomplishment! But when your kid wants to become a magician performing on stage, how will you present your excuse to the kid?!

Let us not be afraid to pursue our passion, dream… in 2015!

Time to get out of the comfort zone in 2015. Don’t even settle to move from ‘good to great’. But something more enchanting career, nothing less.

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