Preparations: The potential audience was students at a B-School. The millennial could really test me, with their curiosity, hunger for knowledge. As I went about preparing, to customize the presentation for the young audience, I got an unexpected request from the Prof. ‘Just spend few extra moments on Emotional Intelligence’, instead of a passing reference I anyways make in these workshops.

What is my EQ? Around the same time, somewhere in Bangalore: A telecom operator had not been paying monthly rent to the apartment for a room where they have their equipment. The managing committee of the apartment instructed the manager to switch off the power supply. Now the residents, many who work from home, were without the internet. All hell broke loose. From the Whatsapp group of the residents to apartment adda/mail notifications thereof, there was a lot of anger on the (poor) manager and the MC, for lack of empathy!

A question stared at me…

– what is my emotional intelligence, in the way I received, reacted & responded?

– Looking back, with the advantage of retrospect, could I have reacted with a little more emotional intelligence (E I)?

– How can I use this awareness/lesson in other life-situations, at work, home, community? For every situation in life is an experience, a learning opportunity.

I decided to read a little more on EI. Had a chat with another friend, who has done some sessions (but all extempore!) Could not find my preferred book at home. At both airports I looked for EI 2.0 by Travis, et al. Did not get it!! Computers at the book stalls confirmed availability, but the staff were unable to locate. EI may not be a fast-moving category! Maybe we should just push more books on EI to all leaders, across all areas?!

Looking back, I wonder what was the message the Universe was giving me…!!

The Event: It is always a pleasure to interact with the young leaders. They are the future.

There were some very good questions

  • Leadership trends
  • Purpose of life
  • How to be a good leader, follower
  • #IQ2EQ2SQ
  • EI: we discussed
    • Qualities of people, leaders with EI
    • Components of EI
    • How to develop EI
    • How perhaps China is creating leaders with EI, unlike US (based on TalentSmart study)
  • SQ
  • Intuition
    • How is it relevant
    • How can it be developed
    • Examples
  • Viktor Frankl
  • #I2We2He
  • Coaching, etc.

Emotional Intelligence:What is EI?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others.

Why EI? Effective leaders are emotionally intelligent. They have the skills to manage and use their emotions. And, like all leadership skills, emotional skills – the attitude and abilities with which someone approaches life and work – can be learned and developed. Brain science shows us how that learning occurs.

  • IQ: What got you here, will not get you there… IQ will get you a job
  • EQ may help you grow, beyond promotions. Learning being an integral part.
  • SQ only guarantees fulfillment.

The leaders, corporate or elsewhere, may just need to be mindful. And, make a conscious choice. The choice is always the leader’s!

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