Tom Peters tweeted ‘How to be good leader: LISTEN. How to be good salesperson: LISTEN. How to be good negotiator: LISTEN. How to be good parent/spouse: LISTEN’

In Search of Excellence’ was a must read at B-school. The book lists out eight common themes which they argued were responsible for the success of the chosen corporations.

  • A bias for action, active decision making’ is the #1 item on the list and the most relevant parameter for me at work & in life.
  • Stick to the knitting’ is the other parameter I have tried to live by at work. It has worked very well, looking back.

It was a pleasant surprise to see him tweet about ‘listening’!

For ‘active listening’ is a key coaching competency.

L I S T E N: Learning (with) Intent, Selflessly and Totally,(with) Empathy,Naturally.

  • Learning: learning is a life-long process.
  • Intent: with humility, not knowing, curious, as we say in coaching. It is a matter of attitude.
  • Selfless: if intent is as pure as above, it is totally client-centric, at a deep level
  • Empathy: Emotional intelligence
  • Naturally: listening at this level comes naturally to us. We have just got to remind ourselves.

Listen from a state of Being


My Master’s Voice: ‘Listen as you listen to me…’

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