Are you really Coach? Great question to start the day with… Personally too… Am I a Coach in all my roles, at all times?

There are so many coaches around us.  Anybody can call himself some coach. Is the coach trained, certified, credentialed and has the experience? (‘track record’ is at merely #IQ, not at or levels)
Was a coaching mindset part of his being, or prominent disposition? (Not getting into ‘are coaches born or made’?!) Else how is the self-proclaimed coach different from a good, old ‘quack’ (Vis-a-vis a trained, certified, credentialed & experienced doctor) ?!

Coaching has to be a from a level of ‘being’. (IQ+EQ+SQ)
BE a coach. But only a trained, certified & credentialed coach. That is a beautiful space to be… and the journey to becoming a certified coach is blissful too.

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