Forbes: This Forbes article says

  • ‘The rapid growth of the coaching and consulting industry is staggering. According to a research study by IBISWorld, at the end of 2014, it was said that coaching is a $1 billion industry that the ICF expects to grow by 20% in 2017′. (Pls note it is coaching, consulting and all that broadly fits into two diverse areas – for coaching and consulting are totally different, like two parallel lines. In between lies, training, guiding, mentor by subject matter expert, therapy, counseling, healing, life-‘coaching’, et al.).
  • Everyone and their dog is flocking to the cash-pumping industry to take their stake in today’s gold rush – My coach-trainee (a doctor) was saying, ‘your dog also will become a good coach‘! My dog is with me, when I am home. My dog is a huge inspiration for me in my this innings… Patient, unconditional loving being a few competencies she exhibits…

And it is my stated goal To be more dog-centric!)





  • We have been working with leaders & coaches, including uncredentialed/aspiring too. To co-create (not ‘help’) a future based on their life-purpose. You can unshackle, without helping – that is coaching
  • If money is the #1 motivator to become a coach, you are better off staying elsewhere. In the long run, profit motive can not drive coaching. That can not be a #LifePurpose, at a holistic level. Money is important, but not everything, for a real coach.
  • Women seemingly make better coaches. Maybe it is their emotional intelligence? A coach, male or female, got to tap into both the Yin & Yang, IQ & EQ to create a transformational experience for the client. In the same way, age is a mere number. You can be a millennial at heart too.


  • Believe it or not, it takes some time to create a successful business, which is sustainable. #Legacy
  • Writing down your goals definitely helps

A full-time coach may be better of if

  1. trained
  2. certified
  3. ICF credentialed, ACC, if not PCC
  4. experienced
  5. working continuously to learn, mentored, supervised
  6. committed, full-time to coaching?

Coaching is about facilitating the client/coachee to live life goal, even a short-term, a transactional goal should be in some way aligned with the larger purpose. Else the coachee needs a trainer, an expert, a boss, or a consultant.

Being a coach is a full-time job (more than a job!) – not in coach roles or costumes, or at times!

We train, facilitate, mentor aspiring coaches to their ACC & PCC. PCC- leg training at Chennai on 14th October, 2017.

PS: Forbes article: 10 Beliefs Holding Successful Female Coaches Back (And Being Surpassed By Millennials)

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