Celebrating 6 years of coach training, facilitation, mentoring, learning… and the learning continues. (Regal Unlimited started operations on 12.12.12 in other areas).

  • Over 200 coaches trained, mentored! Through various coach training, credential programs, but all aligned with the ICF framework.
  • #Coach2Lead, #Learn2Coach: Over 1,000 leaders, at various functions, levels, industries and geographies, covered through workshops on #LeaderAsCoach

We coach and mentor the #iCFway

Six years ago, in Sept 2014, we started Coach Training, at #Chennai.

Chennai is where I started my career in 1990, as a fresh MBA. Some karmic connection?#21 Patullos Road, Chennai to #7 Sai Colony, Bangalore: If success is where I am today, vis-a-vis where I was… I have made ‘some‘ progress. Divine Grace. Also, support from friends, (and ‘enemies‘!). What started off as a trial at Chennai is now…

The Coaching School of the world

What started off as a local initiative, has now gone online/live and global. Part of the ‘blame’ goes to the pandemic. Half of the current batch is logging in from overseas, USA, Europe, Malaysia, included.

Grateful to every #RegalCoach who chose us to partner with us. We had participants from different cities of India, and also from the US, Europe, Central Asia/MENA, Singapore, Australia, et al. Every one of them taught us more than what we would have tried to teach them.

‘Every coachee is a default coach’ – Ram Guru, PhD, one of regal coaches.

Our focus is on

  • learning the ICF coaching competencies and a lot of practice is at the core of the journey.

We also cover

  • leadership and
  • the business practice of coaching.

Process, Art, Leader, Professional: A successful coach is one who has mastered the science/process of ICF coaching, has taken his/her coaching to an art form, is a leader within (selfless, courageous, service-oriented, committed to learning, and with a bias of action), and is a professional coach in practice. Everything else is of no real value.

We are the very best coaches, in this part of the world. We are the best training program in this part of the world. We strive to serve the client and invest in deep learning ourselves.

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The community we have created is inspired by the alumni body of my alma maters, including INSEAD. The purpose of this close-knit group is to facilitate continued learning & business collaboration. We all are strongly connected with the common purpose of making a big difference.
Purpose. Impact, contribution.
We are transforming #leadership, by ‘maximizing personal & professional potential’.
  • Servant Leadership, #Serve2Lead
  • #I2We2He
  • Purity, Unity, Divinity
  • #IQ2EQ2SQ
  • Head of Shankara, Heart of Buddha, Hands of Janaka
  • ‘Every being, knowingly or unknowingly, is on a spiritual pilgrimage
These are some of the guiding principles, at @RegalUnlimited.
We work at the confluence of eastern and western philosophies. We offer leadership development through leadership coaching, coach training, and healing.
Grateful to ICF, fellow facilitators, mentors, alumni regal coaches, colleagues, associates, and of course, family, incl dogs :)) Stay blessed!
We coach and mentor the #iCFway… Happy Coaching, Leading, Living.
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