Just finished the book on audible: “To Pixar and Beyond: My Unlikely Journey with Steve Jobs to Make Entertainment History”  by Lawrence Levy

I heard about this book on Knowledge@Wharton Podcast with the author. Felt connected immediately.

– It was about Pixar, one & only…
– Naturally, it was also about Steve Jobs & author’s own ‘unlikely journey with Steve

– The author was a lawyer by education (Harvard). He was recruited to the role of CFO. He was now an author.- He has a beautiful (Pixar) story to tell. He does it so very well.

– A CFO’s perspective of everything would be an interesting one.

Some of these really stayed with me:
  • Author’s relationship with Steve was so professional, minus all the drama that is generally associated with the Genius. I am a fan of Steve Jobs. The fact he was very sensitive and temperamental, actually makes me feel more connected. Steve was just different, very different…
  • It was great to hear how the author moved into Pixar (reminded me of how Steve reached out to John Scully…Pepsi to Apple)
  • It touched how he went about professionally handling diverse challenges within & outside.
  • Handling Disney-part was great stuff, as it was about the creative thrust.
  • The decision as to how to handle the creative element at Pixar & how to retain the unique DNA of Pixar even at Disney, most inspiring.
  • Author’s effort to get credit for the supporting staff showed the emotional quotient of himself, and all others who found a way of doing it.
  • I always maintain, a supporting spouse is critical to professional success. Hillary was a beautiful example (It is valentine’s day today!)
  •  A lot of lessons for corporate leaders. Also a lot of inspiration about building a unique brand.

While Steve was associated with brand-apple, Pixar was as much a part of his brilliant legacy. 

  • The changing geography was brought out very well. We have moved away so much from the Nature.
  • The experience of going through two accidents, second almost fatal!
  • And somewhere it made sense to let go. No better way than to move to spirituality? Isn’t that is the ultimate goal, purpose of life? It was a beautiful journey.

Pixar is indeed a metaphor for the middle way

BIG Thanks, Lawrence, for this beautiful book.
Link to the Audible book:
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