The Stanford commencement speech by Steve Jobs was not just inspiring, but a moving one…from one of the icons of the century

One certainty of life is death, for sure. We tend to live as though we are immortal?

At the same time is it necessary to live with the end in mind or one’s own eulogy?! How about life, at its best, is that goal?

The Science may support. As the article points out, ‘thinking about death can lead to decreased militaristic attitudes, better health decisions, increased altruism, and reduced divorce rates’.

Is it a good idea to visualize death, rather than life, in all its majesty… #BeRegal?

At one point this thought fascinated me and have discussed as part of my coaching and mentoring, even promoted the concept. It fascinated me to write my own eulogy…

Not anymore. For as part of the coaching journey, I discovered a more fascinating model! A variant of Wheel of Life or Circle of Life. We have incorporated other elements and made it Regal@60The coaching tool is aligned with other approaches such as healing, mentoring, counseling, et al. and that makes it unique.

‘Age is just a number’

We specifically choose 60 yrs as a milestone, as the beginning of the Vanaprastha stage. It can be at the peak of one’s life, on all parameters, including career, relationship, health, wealth, and other areas those are relevant to the individual. While 60th birthday is just another number, it is celebrated as a milestone in India (shashtipoorthi)

An Ashrama in Hinduism is one of four age-based life stages discussed in Indian texts of the ancient and medieval eras. The four ashramas are:  Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha & Sanyasa.

It is still not a bad idea to write our own eulogies, but an alternative is to make a detailed Regal@60. The end of life can be after that, or before too 🙂

At 60, we would be more in a position to move from I/me/mine to We/ours, and still better to the larger society (#I2We2He). In the true spirit of the ‘World is a Family’ (vasudevom kutumbakom) or ‘All are Brahman’ (Sage Vasishta to Sri Rama).

Would you prefer to write your eulogy or prepare your Regal@60? 

If you choose to live “regal” at 60 & beyond, check out the tool and schedule a couple of coaching conversations around it. The results have been nothing less than magic for our clients. Check out more at

Whatever, Choose Bliss. Happy Living…

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