One week into the new year, ‘Happy New Year’ is almost forgotten. So when friends in the professional network connect for first time in the new year & start off with ‘HNY’, I take a second to remind myself it is a new year!

A new year with all its promises, hope, opportunities…

What are you upto in the new year?

Are you trying

  • to grow your business (as a professional or an entrepreneur), enhance engagement/improve employee retention, expand market share, increase profitability, change the culture
  • get yourself in shape, break a bad habit, improve self-awareness, eliminate complacency,

or anything else that you are hoping to expand, improve, or increase, anything else at all where you are trying to move the needle in a positive direction, at a holistic level?

The very investment that you can make is an investment in yourself and in your people.

I personally don’t believe in new year resolutions. Just as I don’t connect with excessive focus on monthly, quarterly or annual goals. That is very myopic, I feel.For life is a journey. We are here for long term. Hence the focus is on the long term, of #LifeGoals


  • What is the best investment I can make to help grow my business?
  • Improve myself personally or professionally?

Invest in people and self respectively. The greatest investment that anybody or any business can make to see improvements in performance is an investment in themselves and in their people.

There are multiple ways we can do this. We got to identify the goals, and then work backwards to identify what to be done. Old fashioned training, is one size fit all, which rarely work. Find a coach, that is a sure recipe for success, at a holistic level.

Leadership/Executive Coaching, Coach Training/Mentoring and Counseling/Healing/Life Coaching are options we offer at

Make 2018 very special… Let’s work on our Life Goals.

Let’s choose bliss, #Be Regal

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