‘Coaching is the future of leadership’. Dr Daniel Goleman classified leadership styles based on emotional intelligence. Coaching is the leadership style for the 21st century.

As millennials, zillennials and gen-zs increasingly join teams and workforce, the traditional command and control style of leadership will not work. They respond well to collaborative approaches. Coaching style of leadership will increase their sense of involvement and fulfilment. This will directly translate into enhanced performance, increased employee retention and developing the next generation of leaders.

It is the responsibility of the leadership to future proof their company’s leadership, enhance the work culture and build a sustainable pipeline of quality leadership.

What is Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is your greatest weapon in the era of uncertainty. Coaching Leadership Style helps leaders-

  • Navigate change with vision
  • Lead across generations including millennial and gen-z teams
  • Increase productivity and performance
  • Better relationships
  • Improved creativity, design
  • Create an agile culture
  • Shape happy workplaces

Leadership Coaching Style helps tap into the latent potential of individuals and teams, unleash them and deliver performance that far exceeds the set targets. All this magic happens while the leaders enhance their work-life integration and increase employee retention, loyalty, and engagement.

It is a systematic methodology in which managers offer assistance and guidance rather than instructions and staff members learn how to adapt to constantly changing situations in ways that inspire new life, ingenuity, and commitment.

Coaching Leadership style is different from the traditional leadership style.  

Leadership coaching unlocks the potential that delivers performance beyond expectations. To read more about how leadership coaching leads to that, please read our blog dedicated to that specific topic.

Internal Leadership Coaches Help You Get Even More From Your High Potential Staff

At this juncture, we believe you have gone through the benefits of leadership coaching. Now, you need no convincing to see the importance of a coaching culture. 

We owe it to Tim Gallwey who shifted the focus from the sports player’s techniques to the head space of the athlete for increased performance. Sir John Whitmore built on the ‘Inner Game’ and developed the GROW model and popularised it in the corporate world. However, the GROW model focused on performance. You get what you aim for. But that is where pure and classical coaching takes a different approach. Coaching focuses on the potential of the ‘client’. Performance is a natural outcome.

Let us understand this better with the help of finance; the risk-reward ratio specifically. An investment with moderate risk will give moderate returns. An investment with higher risk may give higher returns but also increases the probability of losing money. Similarly, the GROW model will ensure you achieve the targets set by the leadership.

Leadership  Coaching is an invitation to the leaders to look beyond the current performance of the employees and give their potential a chance. It is a greater risk because if you unlock the potential, they either stay and blossom in their roles or they will move on to better roles. The unlocking of the potential is guaranteed by the manner in which the ICF framework is structured. However, the risk is worth it because if they choose to stay, they will consistently perform by tapping into their potential and exceeding expectations regularly.

Self-styled coaches offer mentoring services. Such ‘coaching’ does not guarantee performance. Their coaching is a great disservice to Tim, Sir John and certified coaches. 

Having ICF certified leadership coaches in your company will help you perform beyond targets as ICF coaches are trained in the ICF framework. Each word used in the process is backed by intense research. Moreover, the ICF coaches are bound not just by their internal contract with you but also by the ICF Code of Ethics. This ensures higher levels of integrity and quality in the delivery of coaching services.

ICF is the gold standard in coaching and coach training. Your staff deserves the best. They deserve to blossom to their full potential. Your bottom line deserves the best from your teams. You deserve that legacy.

Save On The Cost of Expensive External Leadership Coaches and Create a Highly Capable Team of Internal Leadership Coaches Instead

External leadership coaches are pretty expensive. The reason being that they have built expertise in their niche. Every doctor has the same degree. Every advocate is enrolled in the same bar association. Why the pay difference? The same logic applies in coaching. 


But the beauty of the ICF process is that the way the framework is designed, it guarantees quality. If you believe in your team and their potential, the outcome may be ‘Regal’! By having internal coaches, you save on the cost that you may have to otherwise incur if you choose to hire external coaches.

The caveat is that your internal leadership coaches must be ICF accredited coaches. Do not let “coaches” offer you mentoring in the name of leadership coaching. That is a disservice to your company, your teams, yourself and the coaching community.

Internal Leadership Coaching Will Lead to Higher Staff Retention Rates

A research report by Zippia Research revealed the top 3 reasons why employees quit an organisation. They are-

  • Poor Pay
  • Lack of Career Advancement Opportunities
  • Feeling disrespected at work

The converse of the above reasons can be the solution to the problem of attrition. Let us see how internal coaching can lead to higher staff retention rates.

A person is compensated according to the quantum of problems that he/she solves. The greater the problem he/she solves, the better the pay. Internal coaching helps unleash the potential in the employee. He feels heard and valued at work. She starts looking at previously unexplored angles in her work and comes up with ideas that she had never considered before. They feel a greater sense of belonging at the workplace and when their contribution to the bottom line increases exponentially, the company reciprocates by improving their pay. If they are not adequately compensated, they will be willing to walk away too.

Everyone wishes to progress in their career and not stagnate in their current role. A coaching engagement begins by discussing the goals that the employee would like to achieve. Each conversation in the engagement also has goal setting at the start. The magic lies in the process. The employee will be encouraged to come up with their career goals and by the end of the conversation, they will walk away with the action steps that will help them continue on their path.

Having internal leadership coaches can help address many work related issues like feeling disrespected at work. We have seen that many come up with workplace issues like feeling disrespected at work, not being valued at work, not feeling heard, not being able to say no et al in coaching engagements. Every coaching conversation ends with the coachee walking away  feeling lighter and resourceful. We have control over our response and not our environment. The coachee’s awareness helps them take control of how they feel instead of letting others determine that!

Sponsor Your Staff to Achieve ICF Accreditation- The Gold Standard in Professional Coach Training

Now that you know how internal leadership coaching can help your organisation, the next obvious step is how you can get ICF accreditation for your internal leadership coaches.

ICF is the gold standard in coaching and coach training. ICF is a non-profit organisation run by professionals and volunteers. The ICF framework is research backed and proven by results. There are 50,000 ICF coaches worldwide. There are 3 levels of ICF accreditation- Level 1 (ACC), Level 2 (PCC), and Level 3 (MCC). These levels are comparable to graduation, postgraduate and doctorate in academic parlance.

Sponsor your leadership coaches to get their ICF accreditation and see how your leaders, teams, and organisation flourish!

Get Leadership Coaching with Regal Unlimited 

ICF is the gold standard in coaching and coach training. Regal Unlimited is a gold standard in ICF coaching and coach training. We have a decade of excellence in coaching, coach training and leadership development to prove our track record.

Out of the 50,000 ICF coaches worldwide, over 300 ICF coaches have been mentored and trained by us!

Why Choose Leadership Coaching with Regal Unlimited?

ICF accredited program

Regal Unlimited’s ICF training program is approved ( certified) by ICF

Industry leading success rate

We have an industry leading accreditation rate. Our success rate is an envy in the industry. We have MCCs and PCCs as mentor coaches that ensure the best learning experience for our learner coaches. We do not train coaches. We believe everyone is a coach. We partner with the learner in their journey of self-discovery

Regal Coaches Community

Our community of 300+ coaches is arguably one of the best in the world. We have CXOs, Business Owners, Agile Scrum masters, Army veterans, IT professionals etc. as part of our community. This diverse community supports our endeavour to continue to raise the standards of leadership coaching in India and worldwide.

Read more about how you can get leadership coaching with Regal Unlimited. You can also check our testimonials from our learners to see why you should get leadership coaching with Regal Unlimited.

You may have a few questions about the entire ICF accreditation process. You can check our ICF coaching masterclass for all the information.

Reach out to our team for your ICF accreditation requirements.


What is the role of coaching in corporate leadership?

Leader coaches are best equipped to-

  1. Unleash potential of teams
  2. Navigate change with vision
  3. Lead millennial and gen-z teams
  4. Increase productivity and performance
  5. Create an agile culture
  6. Shape happy workplaces

What makes a good leadership coach?

A good leadership coach-

  1. Communicates effectively
  2. Ensures performance that exceeds expectations
  3. Manages intra-team dynamics
  4. Develops team members by maximising potential
  5. Thinks out of the box 
  6. Fosters creativity
  7. Increases team productivity

What are three top characteristics of great leadership coaches?

  1. Coaching mindset
  2. Coaching presence (empathy and non-judgmental)
  3. Active listening and demonstrating coaching competencies
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