Glad to share this article on ‘How Coaching can help your organization’.

Goal Alignment – In a typical top-down business approach, lack of goal clarity can hamper the achievement. Often, the numbers are achieved, but not the ideal way ( ‘The path or the process is as important as reaching the goal’). If we are able to create the passion, ‘enchantment’ guaranteed for the employees and thus, customers and all stakeholders.

The moment the team, at all levels, is passionate about the goal and the process, creativity and innovation is a natural phenomenon. And, innovation need not be a big one, but an incremental improvement may be as valuable for achieving the goal, with ‘enchantment’.

Today many of us blame our organisations for lack of work-life balance. But coaching gives a holistic perspective to life and the employees will see the need for balance in a new light & more importantly, start taking responsibility for same.

A natural boost to productivity and effectiveness: Acc to ICF Study “70% of clients reported a positive improvement in work performance”.
Regal Unlimited : ‘The RoI of Enchantment”

ICF – Ten Ways Coaching Can Help Your Organization

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