Zoom is going to be an inspirational marketing case study – #4P

Place: #OnLine This is the biggest opportunity for them, also courtesy the situation arising out of #Covid19.

Product: a great product/service. Even non-techies can operate with relative ease.

Price: It has a free option, with limitations. But get expensive as you add features, still reasonable within premium standard?

Promo: their marketing strategy is interesting. Have not seen ads, or campaigns. But have tied up with respectable entities, like ICF. Maybe they have a strong B2B strategy.

The best marketing is not only a good product but also satisfied customers. So have seen zoom being suggested in various Whatsapp groups on queries around the best option!

Service: Fantastic after-sales support. I had reached out to them on numerous occasions, they always exceeded my expectations, including when it involved money (wrong subscription)

How is this relevant to your business? What are the lessons for our business?

Our one to one coaching happened a lot on virtual platforms, including zoom, Whatsapp et al. We are going #OnLine for our #coachtraining

#StaySafe StayBlessed #GoDigital

PS: A new ICF approved batch starting on 18th April.  https://www.regalunlimited.com/regal-coach-certification/

#icf #executivecoaching


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