Coaching is a widely used yet misunderstood word. Everyone has a perception of coaching which may be or not be what coaching actually is. A coach is a professional, therefore, s/he must subscribe to a code of ethics, have systems and procedures to abide by and be accountable for.

The International Coaching Federation is the regulatory body for credentialed and certified coaches. The role a Bar Council plays with respect to Attorneys, Barristers, Solicitors and Advocates is what ICF does for coaches. A regulatory body ensures that the client receives the best possible experience with guaranteed quality and safety.

ICF has around 50,000 certified coaches. LinkedIn has around 4 million coaches! This implies that only 1.25% of the coaches on LinkedIn are actually credentialed. This shows the immense scope for credentialing with ICF as there is an increasing demand for ICF credentialed coaches from Clients.

Becoming a life coach can be very attractive and therefore, choosing to be a professional life coaching is attractive. However, you may find it arduous to establish yourself as a life coach as you have to successfully coach at least a few people before getting the required recognition in the community to have a viable career as a life coach. Getting the first few clients can be very challenging, and this is where opting for an approved  coach training program can be helpful.

# Benefits of ICF Coach Training & Certification:

There are numerous benefits of obtaining ICF credentials. For now, let us limit to 10 benefits in no particular order:

  1. Improve your skills
  2. Build greater confidence
  3. Better client interaction
  4. Maintain client trust
  5. Learn a more effective coaching process
  6. Enjoy enhanced impact
  7. Develop your style
  8. Escalate earnings
  9. Attract opportunities
  10. Expand your network

Now that we have all the benefits for you to see at a glance, let us delve into each benefit a little deeper for the curious seeker!

1.Improve your skills:

The ICF is  the gold standard in coaching. Therefore any coach training that is ICF-approved  has undergone a rigorous review process that ensures its curriculum meets the standards of coaching established by ICF. They offer three levels of certifications:

    • Associate Certified Coach (ACC):  Requires 60+ Hours Training 100+ Hours Coaching experience
    • Professional Certified Coach (PCC): Requires 125+ Hours Training 500+ Hours Coaching experience
    • Master Certified Coach (MCC): Requires 200+ Hours Training 2500+ Hours Coaching experience

As can be seen from the certification requirements, the program design of the ICF courses ensures that your skills are upgraded.

2. Build greater confidence:

The training process transforms you as an individual. The course provides you with an ICF Credential and makes you proactive and optimistic, enabling you to approach every situation positively. At Regal Unlimited, truly the journey for the aspiring coaches is rigorous and transformational. Hear from our learner-coaches how the ICF Coach Training at Regal impacted them 

3. Better client interaction:

Coaching is a very demanding profession and is effective only if the coach can interact well with the client. ICF’s coach training program in India includes a significant section that addresses client interactions and learning techniques that help build a rapport with clients. 

4. Maintain client trust:

ICF prides itself in establishing a professional code of ethics and standards as an essential pillar of the coaching process. Thus, ICF credentials directly translate to the client’s enhanced trust in the coach’s commitment to ethical standards. This translates into enhanced productivity as the client feels psychologically secure around you.

5. Learn more effective coaching process:

ICF has a well-established curriculum around training for core competencies of coaching. It considers all the demands of the process of coaching and is designed to improve your effectiveness in coaching. Coaching is broken up into stages, and the measures to be taken to make each step effective are imparted. Adopting their framework for the coaching process ensures good results.

6. Enjoy enhanced Impact:

The framework of coaching taught as part of the ICF coach training is well researched and tested for delivering results. Learning these approaches to coaching makes one have more impact on the client during each interaction.

7. Develop your style:

While coaching can be standardized, the actual interaction between coach and client is very varied based on the individual personalities. Therefore much of the coach’s ability has to be developed individually by applying the principles taught as part of the training process. The certification process involves more than a hundred hours of coaching experience; during this period, one can seek experienced coaches who can guide you to build your confidence and develop your coaching style.

8. Escalate earnings:

The course enables you to develop the right attitude to market your coaching skills. Researchers have shown that globally people prefer coaches with ICF credentials over coaches without credentials. Your competence dictates the amount you can charge a client for your service; ICF certification improves your credibility and customer satisfaction. 

9. Attract opportunities:

During the training process, you become part of a network of coaching professionals, and you get the opportunity to learn both from your experience and that of others. Also, corporates and companies that offer coaching to their employees prefer to award the contract to coaches with ICF credentials. Therefore, getting ICF certification opens up opportunities for contracts for coaching teams in corporates and companies.

10.Expand your network:

The coaching institutes that offer coach training also often provide leadership and life coaching programs where the coaches trained by them get opportunities to offer their coaching service. The process of awarding credentials is structured so that the candidate undergoing the training is required to complete at least a hundred hours of professional coaching experience apart from the training hours. This ensures that the knowledge learned is applied and allows one to exhibit one’s skills and start creating and expanding their client network. 

Now you can see that undergoing coach training can give you the much needed boost for a successful launch into a career in coaching. Certification and credentialing bring credibility. Credibility brings accountability. Accountability brings trust. Trust brings clients as trust forms the basis of coach-client relationships. Therefore, it all starts with certification and credentialing.

Become an ICF Certified Coach with Regal Unlimited

Regal Unlimited is one of the foremost leadership and transformation coaching institutes that seeks to empower individuals, teams & the whole organization to bring out the best in them by unleashing their true potential.

Our differentiation lies in our extensive work experience in the corporate world and also in the coaching domain. The Mentors & Coaches at Regal Unlimited are associated with

    • ICF, premier accreditation and credentialing body for both training programs and coaches. As members, they support ICF’s initiatives to advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching. Also local chapters of ICF as a volunteer-leader.
    • EMCC exists to develop, promote and set the expectation of best practice in mentoring and coaching across Europe and beyond, for the benefit of society.
    • inviteCHANGE, ICA – as alumni of these prestigious coach training organizations.
    • CoachSource as an empanelled executive coach.
    • EMCC Mentoring Award 2016 – “Highly Commended” 

Regal Unlimited provides world-class coach training programs in India under the visionary leadership of Subash CV, who is an MCC (ICF) with more than 21 years of experience in the corporate and business world. We are one of the best institutes for obtaining ICF-certified professional coach training. We have trained over 300 coaches in the ICF Credentialing journey!

Learn to Coach the ICF way with Regal Unlimited- the Coaching School for the World.

FAQ’s about ICF Coach Training

Why is ICF Coach training Important?
  1. The curriculum and the training equips you with a weapon to coach. The process is all you need. 
  2. The holistic framework enables you to have a transformational impact on the client
  3. Helps the coach to stay within the realm of pure coaching and not dilute coaching with mentoring, counselling, consulting, etc.
  4. To read more, do visit our website!
How does ICF differ from other Coaching Professional Organisations?
  1. Global Presence
  2. A Not-For-Profit Organisation
  3. Researched-oriented
  4. Local Chapters across the globe
  5. 6 Dedicated Verticals- Professional Coaches, Credentials & Standards, Coaching Education, Foundation, Coaching in Organisations and Thought Leadership
What are the ICF Core Values?

They are:

  1. Professionalism– ICF defines professionalism as- “a coaching mindset and professional quality that encompasses responsibility, respect, integrity, competence and excellence.”
  2. Collaboration– ICF defines collaboration as the commitment to- “develop social connection and community building.”
  3. Humanity– Humanity is the commitment to- “being humane, kind, compassionate and respectful towards others.”
  4. Equity– Humanity is the commitment to- “use a coaching mindset to explore and understand the needs of others so we can practise equitable processes at all times that create equality for all.”

You can read more about the ICF core values on their website.

For detailed information and other FAQs on ICF Coach Training and Certification with Regal Unlimited  – visit here.

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