“A great Coach not only inspires but supports and encourages others to get results” – Richard Schuy

A good coach is one who holds a mirror to their clients and truly partners with them to overcome their roadblocks and helps them see the future possibilities.

Becoming a coach is quite an ennobling experience, a calling and truly is transformational. The journey is rid with the discovery of the self, and truly changes the manner of your interactions not only with your clients but also with people around you.

So if you have made it your life’s purpose to become a Coach, it is always advisable to take the ICF-way.

There are multiple queries on how to become a Coach, if ICF is the best way to get Credential as a Coach

This blog answers everything that you ought to know to get your credentials as an ICF ACC Coach

Why should one choose the ICF (International Coaching Federation) 

  • ICF is the gold standard in Coaching and Coach training in the world.
  • ICF has a community of over 50000 professional coaches and is only expanding.
  • An ICF credential indicates your true commitment to upholding the principles and ethics laid down by the ICF
  • ICF Provides a robust framework of ethics and core competencies that are research-backed and time-tested universally.
  • ICF methodology equips an aspiring Coach to develop the right skills, attitude and above all, a coaching mindset.
  • Affiliation and accreditation by an international body like ICF gives credibility and validates one’s Coaching practice.
  • It is very likely for clients to enlist the services of an credentialed Coach rather than one who doesn’t have the necessary credentials as a Coach.
  • Last but not the least, an ICF credential helps you get noticed in the ever-growing community of professional coaches.

What does ICF ACC mean?

ACC (Associate Certified Coach) is the first level of coach credentialing offered by the ICF (International Coaching Federation)

ICF ACC is the first level of credentialing for all aspiring coaches into the professional coaching world.

This ICF ACC certification is for all those aspiring coaches who have started on their coach training journey and for experienced professionals as well. The ICF ACC certification programme opens up a window of possibilities — Once you have completed the training you can decide your niche area of coaching —– leadership, lifestyle & wellness, nutrition and so on and so forth.

How can anyone become an ICF-ACC Credentialed Coach?

For anyone to become an ICF ACC Coach, one needs to have the following:

Step 1: Coach Training Hours

It involves 60 hours of coach training which includes both synchronous and asynchronous learning. (At Regal Unlimited it is 48 hours of Synchronous learning and 12 hours of Asynchronous learning).

Step 2: Mentor Coaching

ICF mandates a minimum of 10 hours of mentoring as part of the curriculum. The mentoring  may be done by MCC/PCC credentialed coaches.

Step 3: Coaching Practice

The learner is required to clock in at least 100 hours of coaching practice to qualify for t ICF- ACC.

Step 4: Submission of Recording 

One Coaching conversation must be recorded and sent for evaluation to the ICF. Learner-Coach is expected to demonstrate the application of the concepts and coaching competencies in this recording. 

Step 5: Appearing for ICF credentialing exam 

Lastly, the ICF application and and the credentialing exam is an online test conducted by the ICF to evaluate the conceptual understanding of the ICF Framework and Coaching Competencies. Once the learner obtains the qualifying score,  (70% pass score), ICF issues the ACC credential to the learner. 

The  path towards acquiring an ICF ACC credentialing

Now there is only one path to acquiring ICF-ACC

  • Accredited Coach Specific Training Hours ( Formerly ACSTH, Now Level 1 and is for ACC)

 What is the Level 1 path (formerly ACSTH) for ICF ACC Credentialing?

  • Focuses on providing coaching education at the ICF-ACC level (virtual/face to face).
  • 60 hours of coaching education (as per the curriculum designed for ICF-ACC).
  • 10 hours of mentor coaching.
  • 100 hours of coaching Practice (Learner coach has to clock in 100 hours and present a proof of the same to the ICF for ICF-ACC Credentialing).
  • Successful submission of  recorded coaching conversation. 
  • Successful completion  (passing score) of the ICF credentialing exam.

The onus is on the learners to acquire the ICF-ACC credentials. This is a preferred route to ICF ACC Credentials because there is a third party involved in evaluating the coaches, hence the personal bias, judgement and favoritism does not come in the way of becoming a coach. 

 Regal Unlimited is a provider which trains aspiring coaches for ICF ACC & ICF PCC through the Level 1  and Level 2 routes.

Is it necessary to be a subject matter expert to become an ACC?

It is not important to be a subject matter expert to be a coach. The only expertise one requires is mastery over the coaching framework as laid down under the ICF curriculum. If one chooses a niche are of coaching ( for example executive coaching, life coaching etc.) then a degree of experience in the field will add value to the coaching practice.

What are the modes of imparting coach training at Regal Unlimited?

Eight sessions of 6 hours each ( for online). Six sessions of 8 hours each (offline)

Why choose Regal Unlimited for your ACC?

We support you at every step of your journey to become a Coach i.e from your coach training hours till you get your credentials.

Why is the course fee high?

We understand the course is expensive. The training at Regal Unlimited surely adds value to your professional and personal growth. The fee only reflects the high standard of coach training  and the experience we bring to each cohort. The support that we offer to our learners at each step of their journey is incredible and we are proud to say that we have the highest percentage of learners getting their ICF credentials.

At Regal Unlimited Coach training is provided by PCC and MCC coaches who have years of valuable experience behind them.

Does one need to periodically renew the credentials?

Yes, the credential needs to be renewed every three years. The following requirements need to be met before one can renew their ACC credential 

  • Complete at least 40 hours of Continuing Coach Education (CCE) in the three years since the initial award of your credential or since your last credential renewal. 
  • 10 hours of mentor coaching with an eligible mentor coach.

Renewal Fee

  • ICF Members: $175 USD 
  • Non-members: $275 USD 


  • If you want to apply for ACC, you can complete a Level 1 or a Level 2 programme
  • If you want to apply for PCC, you will need to complete training from a Level 2 accredited  provider or complete Level 1 programme and also accumulate 125 hours of Level 1-accredited training.
  • If you want to get MCC credentials, you will need to complete a Level 3 programme, besides getting a PCC accreditation.

Which path is the best for ICF ACC Credentialing?

Whichever path you might choose to become a Coach, an ICF credentialing goes a long way in adding value to your Coaching practice. The process might seem like a long journey. But we at Regal Unlimited are there for you at every step of the journey to support you and help you in your endeavour to become an ICF ACC Coach.

We personally prefer the Level 1 route for ICF ACC certification. The reason being, it is more rigorous, ensures high quality and other seasoned mentors, assessors are assessing the recording, conducting the ICF Credentialing exam, hence there is no shortcut, personal bias and favoritism.

How much does ICF ACC cost?

The ICF-ACC Certification cost might vary subject to the Coaching Education Provider. In India, ICF ACC Certification costs anywhere between INR 1 Lakh to INR 1.5 Lakh.

However, this cost does not include the ICF ACC application fee, payable to ICF during the submission of the application for ICF ACC credentials.

How much is the application fee for ICF ACC?

The application fee for ICF ACC Credential can cost from USD 175 up to USD 625, depending on the ICF Membership status and the pathway chosen for the application for ICF-ACC Credentials.

The Application fees to be paid by ICF Members for ICF-ACC are as follows-

  • ACTP Path- 175 USD
  • ACSTH Path- 375 USD
  • Portfolio Path- 475 USD

The Application fees to be paid by Non-ICF members for ICF ACC  are as follows-

  • ACTP Path- 325 USD
  • ACSTH Path- 525 USD
  • Portfolio Path- 625 USD

Regal Unlimited is delighted to inform you that we are starting two batches for ICF ACC, i.e, on Jan 28th,  2023 (online), and on Feb 3rd, 2023 (In-person) We are the best provider of ICF ACC Coach Training and Certification. Having trained over 300+ ICF ACC Coaches from India & Overseas, we take pride in nurturing this community of ICF Certified Coaches!


How do I get ICF ACC Coaching certification?

ICF offers three credentials ( ACC, PCC, MCC) corresponding to the training and experience required to earn it. For an ICF ACC certification one needs to fulfill the following requirements before applying for the ICF credentials

  • 60 hours of coaching education
  • 100 hours of coaching experience
  • 10 hours of mentor coaching
  • Successful completion (passing score) of a performance evaluation (a recorded coaching conversation)
  • Successful completion  (passing score) of the ICF credentialing exam

How long is ICF ACC valid for?

The ICF ACC accreditation is valid for a period of three years. To maintain your credential status you must renew it before the expiry date. Regal Unlimited provides complete support in the ICF ACC Renewal process.

What does Level 1 and Level 2 accreditation mean?

ICF is replacing ACTP and ACSTH with levels tied to ICF credentialing pathways.

Level 1 accreditation ( ACSTH) is for organizations which offer 60 hours of contact training and it is the recognised pathway to acquiring an ICF- ACC credential.

Level 2 accreditation (ACTP) is for those organizations which offer 125 hours of contact training and it is the pathway for acquiring an ICF -PCC credential.

Please Note that the intensity of these cohorts will still remain the same, and the journey to acquiring the ICF credentials remains the same. For convenience and to avoid confusion in abbreviations of the Training Provider, ICF chose to name the training providers with Level 1 and Level 2.

At Regal Unlimited we have the best in class Leadership Coaching  programmes. We at Regal Unlimited adhere to Coaching the ICF way.

For more information reach out to us info@regalunlimited.com.

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