For over six years, having trained/mentored over 200 aspiring coaches, and over 1,000 leaders to coaching, we are setting new benchmarks in coach training for aspiring professional coaches, and leaders.

Why #RegalUnlimited? We are ICF approved, have trained over 200 coaches for various certifications, over the last 6 years, from across the globe (N America to Australia). Our focus is on coaching skills based on the ICF framework, leadership (personal & professional), loads of practice-sessions, and managing the business of coaching. The mentors are a group of professional coaches, PCC or MCC form ICF, on their second innings after successful corporate careers (including business leadership roles), and living their life purpose. All can not handle the rigor of the program.

We help you become a great coach, and a successful professional coach.

Then there are a few additional reasons that make us unique, and our alumni coaches move from #good2great:

One of our focus areas have been a few (not a lot) #assignments that would help the learner-coaches to dive deep… this journey is first self-awareness, then certification.

Learning is one of the key outcomes of any coaching engagement. We are external focussed, this journey helps us go within…

One such assignment is a book review. We look at each learner-coach and then recommend a book to them. Usually, a book that will speak to them, based on where they are in life, at that point in time. We have been lucky to get over 90% right, with the choice of books. And we have taken the liberty to go into different areas to recommend a book. It includes coaching for performance, inner game, etc. (secret!!)

Ted-like talk, presentation: The coach goes through the book, shares what s/he picked up from the book, and connect with coaching, as s/he sees it. A coaching connection is important. Some learner coaches have discovered life lessons from such experiences.

One such book is “Biology of Belief” which has blown over some of them, and have discovered very valuable life lessons on health, science, spirituality, leadership, and coaching. Some of these truly challenge and break your biases, and beliefs also.

A close look at the beliefs and values are also part of a coach’s journey…

ICF Coach Training – a new batch starts on October 17, 2020. Pre-work and registrations are open. To apply, pls write to us at

For details, pls visit ICF Coach Training by #RegalUnlimited. Check out our resources to help you know more, on this page.

#Learn2Coach the #iCFway. Learn with the best. Be part of our exclusive alumni community (200+), from across the globe.


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