Introduction to ICF Coaching

International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the gold standard in coaching and coach training. ICF, however, is not just about a certification. There are 4 million coaches on LinkedIn as of August, 2022. Only 50,000 are ICF certified and credentialed coaches. ICF believes in the holistic approach to coaching and coach training. Regal Unlimited offer one of the best ICF-certified coaching programs.

Many coaching institutes help learners with certification and nothing else. At Regal Unlimited, we believe in the golden triangle of coach training- Becoming a Coach, Being a Coach and the Business of Coaching. 

For us, the relationship with our learner coach does not end with the certification and credentialing but goes beyond. Quality over quantity is our value. We believe if we cannot offer all round support to our learners, we are doing them a big disservice as they deserve the best. Ultimately our passion is to shape the BEST Coaches who can positively impact themselves and the lives they touch through Coaching

What is Regal Coaching Certification?

Regal Coaching Certification refers to the different levels of coach training and ICF-certified coaching programs that we at Regal Unlimited offer. 

RCC Level 1 is our in-house program based on the ICF framework which lays down the foundation for your coach training journey. It also helps embed coaching competencies into your leadership style.

RCC Level 2 is our ICF-certified ACC coach training program.

RCC Level 3 is our ICF-certified PCC coach training program.

International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the global gold standard in coaching.

Borrowing from the credit card business, there is the only one more global coaching body, European Coaching and Mentoring Council (EMCC). There is no third player with a global footprint, an Amex equivalent. There are several local players, some of them very limited to a city, or part of a region.

While ICF & EMCC are guided by pure and classical coaching, the other entities are flexible about the purity of the process. Coach-centric to stakeholder-centric, mixing a bit of telling/guiding to asking, mentoring to coaching, etc., which are a strict ‘no-no’ in the ICF approach to coaching.

Regal Unlimited is one of the premier institutes in coach training, and mentoring for aspiring coaches. Regal Unlimited also offers ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) program for aspiring professional coaches. While the ICF coaching competencies are at the core of all ICF-certified coaching programs, programs by Regal Unlimited stands out for the following 3 reasons, hence the golden triangle:

  • Become a Coach – A professional Coach: The focus is on training and mentoring the aspiring coaches to use the ICF coaching competencies so that they coach within the framework. The ICF member/coach learns to coach the ICF way. Not tap into all the knowledge, wisdom, experience from the past, at work and beyond, to work with clients. The ICF approach to coaching invites the coach to park aside all ego-based conscious knowledge and use the ICF framework only. In our approach to the coach training, the coach uses the framework diligently. The hero of the overall coaching engagement and the individual conversation is the ICF framework. And the framework is not limited to the process/science of coaching. But transcends to the realm of art, built on a strong foundation of the science/process. If the coach is to inspire the coachee/client to take actions, doing and being, the coach has a responsibility to tap into the full potential of the coachee. The transformational shift happens at that level. One who goes through the rigor of Regal ICF-certified coaching programs will surely become a good coach. Hence the programs are deliberately spread over 4 months, with all its rigor, for deep and reflective learning. 

ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. 

  • The Business of Coaching : Professional Coaching is a serious business. We want to touch lives, help clients move towards their full potential. The hard work does not stop with the certification or credential. We focus on the business of coaching from the very first session.
    • For example, we invited one of our learners to take a small step in the direction of her coaching business, in the very first training session. She was delighted to see the response she received, including conversations she had with two prospects. 
    • We discuss the 4P’s of coaching, and beyond. A lot of coaches struggle with pricing, promo.
    • Coaching is not like any other business either. We touch lives through professional coaching. For that to happen clients out there should know about the coach and her/his services. 
    • Right through our coach training, certification, ICF credentialing, and beyond, we coach and mentor the learner-coaches to focus on the business side.
    • Coaching is a very coachee-centric approach. The spotlight is on the coachee. We promote our services with grace so that future clients can find us. Not crude self-promos. 
    • We also believe coaching can not be sold like a consumer product or service. It is about potential, hence it is a serious business. 
    • Unlike representing a big brand in our corporate roles, managing a personal brand is integral to the training and mentoring process.
    • As such conscious capitalism at its best. Transforming lives, slow and steady. 
    • All our mentors come with business experience, having managed P&L. They have spent 10-20 services in previous corporate roles, managing big teams, businesses, and have experienced big success, as well as failures. 
    • The alumni community of coaches (Regal Coaches) support each other not only in continued learning, but also in business collaboration. We openly discuss our success, and failures on the business side of coaching so that new learner coaches need not re-invent the (business) wheel! We share our case studies, and also get successful coaches to come and share their stories. With the new challenges affecting all businesses, the professional coaches have a bigger responsibility to manage their business side of coaching well now. 
  • Being a Coach is beyond effort, action, emotions. The transition from #Good2Great. #Doing2Being. This is an experiential leg of the journey to be a professional coach. This is beyond the professional approach, customer centricity, ethics, et al. 

‘A lot of good coaches are not successful. But a lot of successful coaches are not really good coaches.’

Great coaches are not only good at coaching, but also on the business side of coaching. And they are life long learners, sharpening the proverbial saw, though deep work, and beyond additional ego-centric certifications.

A successful coach is also about mindset, strategy, tactics, discipline, hard work, deep work, and a lot more. 

What would make you choose the best ICF-approved coach training and certification to be truly Regal at work, in coaching, and life?

New ICF Approved Level 1 programs for ACC and Level 2 program for PCC are starting soon. Write to us: or visit Upcoming Online ICF programs

Benefits of getting coach training from Regal Unlimited- The Coaching School for the World

1. Regal Unlimited is one of the foremost leadership and transformation coaching institutes that seeks to empower individuals, teams and organizations to bring out the best in them by unleashing their true potential.

2. Our differentiation lies in our extensive work experience in the corporate world and also in the coaching domain. The Mentors and Coaches at Regal Unlimited are associated with-

a. ICF– ICF, the premier accreditation and credentialing body for both coach training programs and coaches. As members, they support ICF’s initiatives to advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching. Also, they are part of local ICF chapters as volunteer-leaders.

b. EMCC– EMCC exists to develop, promote and set the expectations of best practice in mentoring and coaching across Europe and beyond, for the benefit of the society

c. inviteCHANGE, ICA– As alumni of these prestigious coach training organizations

d. CoachSource– As Empanelled Executive Coach

e. EMCC Mentoring Award 2016– “Highly Commended”

3. Regal Unlimited provides the best ICF-accredited coaching programs in India under the visionary leadership of Subash CV, who is an MCC (ICF) with more than 21 years of experience in the corporate and business world. 

4. We are one of the best institutes for obtaining ICF-certified coaching programs and training. We have trained over 300 coaches (out of the 50,000 certified ICF coaches worldwide) in the ICF Credentialing journey! 

5. Our flagship thought leadership in the domain of executive coaching and coach training is well established. We conducted first of its kind research on the Coaching Landscape in India wherein we interviewed over 260 coaches of India. Here is the link to view the ICF Research (Bonus, as an aspiring coach-this research will answer many of your queries)

What are the different training and ICF-certified coaching programs offered by Regal Unlimited- The Coaching School for the World?

ICF Coach Training

What is ICF coach training certification? The International Coaching Federation has been leading the evolution of professional coaching for over two decades now and provides three ICF credentials- ACC, PCC and MCC. 

ICF – ACC is about coaching skills, the science and the process of coaching. ICF – PCC goes beyond the process into the realm of art. ICF – MCC is beyond science and art; it is about moving from ‘doing’ to ‘being’ and demonstrating Mastery in every session of coaching.

ICF Mentoring

Mentoring is a crucial element of the ICF Certification journey. Not only because it is mandated by the ICF for the certification but also because Coach Mentoring refines the coaching style of an aspiring coach.

We at Regal Unlimited provide Coach-Mentoring support to aspiring coaches on their ICF journey. Regal Unlimited has trained and mentored over 300+ professional coaches. Coach Mentors from Regal Unlimited bring to the table the depth of knowledge, the rigor of practice, and a coachee-centric approach. ‘Mentoring for the potential’ is our touchstone.

Life Coaching

Are you an aspiring life coach? Do you wish to touch the lives of clients and leave a transformational impact? What can help you with getting more clients, gaining more credibility and becoming more accountable to the journey of your clients? 

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these, the Regal Coach Certification (RCC) Program is your best go to choice to develop, internalize and experience transformation within which can pass on the impact to your clients.

RCC is a program designed to learn the art and science of coaching. It is a foundational program in coaching. This brings credibility to your coach title.

Leader As Coach Program

“What got you here, will not get you there!”- Marshall Goldsmith.

Leader As Coach (LAC) Program is specially designed for leaders who-

  • Believe people are their biggest asset and strive to build great work relationships
  • Want their team to comprise of free thinkers who can think and do what they have never done before
  • Find newer solutions to problems that they have never faced before
  • Want to inspire people with whom they interact
  • Stimulate great thinking
  • Want to push the envelope and shift the game to the next level

“Coaching is the future of leadership.”- Subash CV.

Who should attend this program?

  • Corporate leaders across all functions and all levels
  • HR Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs and Business owners
  • Team and Project Leaders
  • Middle level managers who are stepping up to be leaders
  • Self-employed professionals

To know more about the LAC program, click here.

How to Become a Regal Certified Coach?

ICF has curated a framework and process through which an individual becomes a certified ICF coach. For this purpose, ICF has accredited certain institutions and ICF-certified coaching programs that help and support individuals in their journey to become ICF Certified Coaches. Regal Unlimited is one of the foremost in them.

The process of ICF-certified coaching programs for becoming an ICF-certified coach involves 5 basic steps-

  1. Coaching Education (Coach-specific training for a minimum of 60 hours)
  2. Experience (Coaching Practise for at least 100 hours)
  3. Mentor Coaching (10 hours with a minimum of 3 hours of one-to-one Mentor Coaching sessions)
  4. Performance Evaluation (Submission of 1 audio-recording and transcript of a Coaching Conversation to ICF)
  5. Exam (ICF Credentialing Exam)

Regal Unlimited takes pride in nurturing a vibrant community of 300+ ICF Credentialed Coaches that collectively grow, learn, and celebrate. All of these coaches have gone through the best ICF-Accredited Curriculum, seamless delivery of high-quality content, and deep mentorship of experienced ICF coaches.

Regal Unlimited’ proven track record is the best in the category of ICF Coach Certification in India which speaks volumes about the high-quality training and mentoring we provide. Become the best ICF Coach with the Best ICF-certified coaching programs. Hear from our alumni why they love us!

We offer one of the best icf accredited coaching programs online. Write to us:


What is Regal Unlimited?

Regal Unlimited is one of the foremost leadership and transformation coaching institutes that seeks to empower individuals, teams and organizations to bring out the best in them by unleashing their true potential.

As the name ‘Regal Unlimited’ suggests, we uncover and unlock the boundless potential that lies deep within you, the potential that is most valuable to you and can help you overcome all obstacles, internal and external, and reach the pinnacle of success. The possible outcome may be ‘ Regal’.

How to Enroll for Regal Unlimited Training and Certification?

Regal Unlimited is one of the foremost ICF Coach Training Institutes based out of Bengaluru, India. Out of the 50,000 ICF certified coaches globally, 300+ are our alumni! You can visit our webpage for further details. You can begin your enrollment by writing to us:

Does Regal Unlimited provide Online or Offline Coach Training?

Regal Unlimited offers online coach training for individuals and offline coach training for a group of leaders in an organization.

What are the Different Credentials and Certifications Offered or Accredited by Regal?

Regal Unlimited offers three levels of certifications- RCC Level 1, RCC Level 2 and RCC Level 3. RCC Level 1 is our in-house program based on the ICF framework and RCC Level 2 and 3 are ICF certified coach training programs for ACC and PCC.

How is Regal Unlimited Different from Other Coaching Institutes?
  1. We have a 100% success rate in our learners getting credentialed as ICF certified coaches.
  2. You become an alumnus of one of the premier ICF coach training institutes.
  3. You become a part of a 300+ robust alumni community who work together to support each other through various initiatives
Who can Enroll for the ICF Coach Training programs?
  1. Practicing (not certified though) and aspiring coaches
  2. Business Leaders, Human Resources (HR) and Line Managers and L&D Professionals
  3. Tech professionals in the areas of Agile, Scrum, etc.
  4. Self-employed professionals including trainers, counselors, and consultants
  5. Business owners seeking to complement their leadership journey
  6. All aspiring leaders
Does Regal Unlimited offer coaching services beyond India?

Yes, we do. We have over 1000 clients  who are spread across the globe including the America, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. We have also had corporate workshops and coaching engagements with over 50 companies with many being featured in the Fortune 100 list. 

How will coach training from Regal Unlimited benefit in career?

Two important quotes will summarize how coach training from Regal Unlimited will benefit your career.

“What got you here, will not get you there!”- Marshall Goldsmith.

“Coaching is the future of leadership.”- Subash CV

The future workplace will have coaches and not bosses. In an ever changing world, future proofing your leadership and career is an obvious endeavor. Adding coaching to your arsenal helps you achieve that.

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