Feedback from the participants from month-1, at Chennai (Face2Face) on 12th & 13th November:

  • Absolutely fantastic experience. I am thoroughly in it and enjoying every minute of the transformation.
  • New insights: Others’ perspectives, Process of coaching, Structure, Introspection, Co-creation, Being judgmental
  • Thank you for a fantastic facilitation throughout the program 🙂
  • Terrific day 2

We also had alumni coming over and sharing their journey and experience:

  1. The World opened up, Great change – Loved the role-play, when participants volunteered to be real coachees, with real problems.
  2. Book reviews – Hero’s Journey, Conversational Intelligence (‘our words have histories’. For example, “success” mean different things to different people in a context when someone has been promoted!)
  3. Not Solutioning/Directive/being smart in my questions/be articulate in my questions.
  4. Change begins from within.
  5. How Regal@60 has helped one client to move from a friend seeking a chat to a paid client.

Some Interesting discussions:

  • Do I have to change, say mellow-down, if I have to be a good coach?
  • Is coaching possible in every situation, relationship?
  • What is coaching? What is not coaching?
  • Grow Model, other coaching models (incl R_E_G_A_L and R_H_Y_T_H_M, by both facilitators, being their own coaching models)
  • Regal@60
  • We watched a few videos too – What is coaching, Everone Needs Coaching, GROW Model. Elena’s Credential Legacy brings tears, every time we watch.


    • Coaching: Several role-plays with the focus on Coaching, ICF Competencies, GROW model, goal-clarification, Coacharya 3C, etc. These role-plays, peer-coaching and practice with real clients make our sessions most powerful.
  • Finally, a powerful coaching session

Learning will continue through weekly virtual sessions , where we will cover… some theory and more coaching practice.

We together created a beautiful, powerful space… Learning was mutual and the outcome, a beautiful mix of the journey and the destination, and lot more…

Coach training/certification to ICF credential has been a transformational journey for us.

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