Coaching is for leaders, practicing and aspiring. A great follower becomes a good leader. Good to great leadership is a journey, by choice. Coaching helps immensely. But professional coaching only, not by mentoring, guiding, telling which is passed on as coaching. Coaching skills picked up based on rigorous training and certification (Only Regal!), credentialing by a global coaching body (only ICF or EMCC), experienced/with supervision, and continued learning/deep work. For a coach, lifelong learning is part of the journey to his/her full potential as a coach. Such a coach helps the coachee/client not only move from the current state to a more resourceful state but also go beyond manifest magic. It is the journey of a lifetime.

But then, not all are ready for the transformational shift.

Shifting gears to shifting orbits? Are you ready to shift orbit? Space tourism may be the next big thing in travel. Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk today. 

The future of leadership is coaching. If leaders do not have coaching also as part of their leadership styles, you are not leading. You are not at your full potential as a leader, individual. You are not moving to your life purpose. Then is it worth living? ‘yeh jeena bhi koi jeena hai?’ Hence, it is essential to add professional coaching skills to your leadership, life. While you tap into the consciousness of a coach in your leadership at work, it has a positive cascading effect on your life – relationships especially. Hence,

Coaching is about maximizing potential, personal and professional. (courtesy, ICF). 

If you are playing below your potential, then again you are not playing, leading, living. Choose with awareness, not mechanically. Choose not just at a cognitive level, but also emotionally, and spiritually. A leader who operates at the confluence of IQ, EQ and SQ, spiritual quotient, is really leading. It is what Jim Collins speaks of Level 5 leadership (Good to Great).

What is preventing us from manifesting our full potential? 

Regal Coach Certification (#RCC) Programs: Coach Training, mentoring, and certifications with Regal Unlimited, the Coaching School for the World offers

– ICF approved ACSTH programs (RCC-Level 2 & 3),

– Leaders as Coaches for practicing and aspiring leaders in the corporate, business to NGO,

RCC-Level 1 to add coaching to your work and life,

– Other specialized programs for corporate leaders, business owners, and professionals.

Coach Training with the rigor of RCC is key to become a leader with coaching skills, or a professional coach.

Become to Being: Our programs ensure you

  1. reach the #destination of your certifications,
  2. have a deep #journey to your full potential, and
  3. be part of the exclusive community of #RegalCoaches.


Travel with the Best. As one of the experts in digital marketing says, don’t be cheap to your full potential.


A new batch for

  1. #LeaderAsCoach starting on 25th July/Sunday, and
  2. ICF approved ACSTH on 14th August/Saturdays.

Registrations are open. Limited seats are available. To apply, visit ICF Coach Training & Certification or LeaderAsCoach or write to

Regal Unlimited – ROI of Enchantment


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