As part of the International Coaching Week 2021, we recently conducted another edition of Regal Global Webinar with Leon VanderPol, a phenomenal coach-mentor.

If you are an organisational Leader, Senior Executive or a business owner looking to nurture a transformational culture, then you cannot miss this talk.
If you are a professional coach, then have a look at how can you transcend from transanctional coaching paradigm to the new paradigm of TEAL Coaching.

In case you missed the webinar, here is another opportunity.

Reinventing Organisation through TEAL

In the webinar Leon unraveled the nuances of TEAL Organisation. How can a leader be a TEAL Leader and operate from a deeper level of consciousness and trust. How can organisations move up from the RED bucket to the TEAL bucket. What role and contribution can the Coaches make in accelerating the TEAL journey, are some of the questions answered in this webinar.


Become a TEAL Leader
We, at Regal Unlimited, are commited to help leaders and coaches move to TEAL consciousness, through coaching, mentoring and healing.


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