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PK Narayanan

CEO Coach

Having ‘Individual Excellence’ and ‘Collective Brilliance’ at the same time amongst the top management team is a dream of every business Leader. The exciting fact is that it’s possible!

We often see Business Unit heads / the top management team members / the functional heads in organisations display Individual Excellence (excellence of their respective teams included); yet the ‘Collective Brilliance’, working seamlessly as a team, largely appear to be missing. At this level, the experiences show 2+2 adding to less than 4, though the business objective is to take it above 4!

How a business could accomplish Individual Excellence and Collective Brilliance at the same time? How would that impact their business performance and profits?

Coaching Teams provides a solution. This could be used effectively to take businesses to the next level.

Team Coaching comes in different types, shapes and shades; For a context described above, a team coaching intervention inter-laced with individual coaching could bring about magic!

Team Coaching generally involves multiple Coaching sessions with the team (one-to-many) that are structured to address specific needs of the business. Carefully chosen business themes could be accentuated by weaving them across the sessions. Team Coaching could be structured to help align Individual, Team and Organisational goals for each team member resulting in increased levels of engagement, increased levels of awareness, creating transformational impact on the teams.

Team Coaching works as a reflective, action-oriented, co-creative, collaborative process to bring about positive outcomes for businesses. It’s time the businesses start benefiting from it.

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