A new client in our intro call says, ‘I am going through what every man goes through in his 40s’!

When I enquired ‘what was that?’

He said, ‘Mid-life crisis‘! I was surprised to see the clarity & conviction with which he said!

‘May not be case with ALL men?’ was my response…

An hour later, talking to a dear friend, who is in his mid-forties, I threw the question to him… ‘being at mid-40s, do you feel a mid-life crisis?’

‘Yes’, came the immediate reply!

Is it mere a belief or a self-limiting belief? Then when I reflect, I realize there ae many men who have said similar things, but in their own words. Not necessarily ‘a mid-life crisis’! Maybe that really is not the problem, but something else?!!

Brene Brown says in the US, at the peak of the financial crisis, she found men had moved to a mere ‘provider‘ at home. Earlier he was a parent, spouse/partner, lover. When did he make the shift, without being aware of the choice being made…?

I find this disturbing trend, sadly not merely in mid-forties, but at different age groups! Afterall ‘age is a state of mind’?!

Many are not aware of it, do not have a ‘vocabulary’ to express it. And the trigger is from work, home/extended family or community. And, most importantly, is it specific to men? May not be…

Its impact on physical, mental and spiritual wellness is far deeper. Take care…

PS: Let’s not forget… ‘We all spiritual being, knowingly or unknowingly, on a spiritual journey!’