“Over the last 20 years, I’ve been focused on how coaches go from novice to good to expert. . . It’s easy to be a good coach; it’s very hard to be a great coach. How do we get better?” @DavidBPeterson (@Forbes)

3 trends: 

1. Self-directed development for leaders – Reflective, feedback“Leaders are getting better at self-directed development. They are more reflective, trying things more, asking for feedback more naturally. Leaders are doing for themselves a lot of what coaches used to do for them”

This is about incorporating coaching skills for leaders and coaches sharpening the proverbial saw? Reflective Regal Journaling (RRJ) is one tool that is part of every coaching and coach-training initiatives. This is different from good, old journaling or maintaining a diary. It is reflective.

Feedback to Feedforwardmoving away from annual appraisal to continuous feedback are getting popular at futuristic and learning organizations.

Is your organisation ready for the future? Is it a learning organisation?

2. Coaching is being embedded throughout organizations: “Coaching is being embedded throughout organizations – peers, managers, HR business partner all are learning coaching skills. There are many sources of “everyday coaching” that exist in the environments of leaders today

Recently an automobile major, a global brand, took baby steps to get coaching into their organization. They chose us (Regal Unlimited) to train a few of their HR leaders. It is being adopted in a pure, classical #CoachingWay.

Have you taken the first step towards incorporating coaching into your organization?

Everyday coaching: Coaching is a way of life. It is not something where the coach sits on the hot-seat and all the skills come to him/her. It has to be part of his/her life. That is where the process/science move to the realm of art, from a novice to mastery in the art.

It starts with Coach training, certification, credential and a lot of practice and, continued learning.

3. Changes, the pace of changes… how leaders handle: “The nature of organizations is changing and the pace of change is growing exponentially. What leaders need to do is changing. “Some coaches are still focused on listening skills and finding your purpose skills,” Peterson said. “That’s not where the action is.”

Embracing The Future Of Leadership And Coaching – It is about becoming a coach to coach from a state of Being.

Active Listening, Powerful Questions, Life Purpose are important part of coaching. But at the entry level. A great coach got to transcend the process/science to the mastery. Ability to tap into the intuition is a key skill. Enable the client to move from #IQ2EQ2SQ based on client’s needs & pace.

For continued learning and collaboration, a community of coaches is the key. Our #RegalCoaches is one such community. We are coaches from a diverse background, all gone through the same training and certification process, and help each other…

Be a coach in all roles, at work, life. Learn to coach. Train with the best.

A new ICF accredited Coacharya Coach training (classroom sessions) starting at Hyderabad, India, on 29th June 2018. Registrations will close on Monday, 25th, two seats left. https://www.townscript.com/e/icf-coach-training-program-hyderabadaccpcc-110200

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