Yesterday’s leadership skills will not work in today’s fast moving and evolving world. Only creative leaders who are visionary and empathetic will succeed. Here are five things you can do to succeed as a creative leader.

  1. Instead of commanding, coach your team and organization toward success.
  2. Don’t manage people: facilitate them. Often, the know-how, experience and solutions are there, help people to discover them
  3. Cultivate respect by giving it, instead of demanding it
  4. Know how to manage both success and failure, not just success (it is ok to be vulnerable)
  5. Be gracious. Be humble about your successes, and whenever possible give someone else the opportunity to shine(Courtesy ET 22 Aug 14)

Managers – manage, delegate, command, instruct, mentor, consultancy… 

Leaders – just Coach!

Managing/parenting millennial – coaching is the only way! Pls don’t try old-fashioned techniques !!

Most important… it is a beautiful experience, to coach!

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