Month/Quarter-end inspiration for corporate leaders here.
1. Are you an explosive (even if ‘occasionally’) boss?
2. How is it impacting you? Your performance, emotions, relationships?
3. How are you handling it?
What is the excuse?

– Zoom the picture & check out “soft-skills”. CEO, #JeffBezos used to be an occasionally explosive boss, but there are rumors that he has hired an executive coach to “help him tone it down” (‘Executive coaching’ is not soft skills!)

To know more on Executive Coaching, check out…/

– He adheres to one after-dinner ritual – washing dishes. “I am convinced it’s the sexiest thing I do”, he said (@ETPanache/@BusinessInsider)

What are your views on “washing dishes?” I don’t find it particularly sexy. But the act of cleaning may be a powerful ritual. It is a matter of a “ritual”, that is important, without being ‘ritualistic’? It may be a good idea to look for your own such after-dinner ritual.
#ReflectiveJournaling may be one of them.

It is also #IQ2EQ2SQ

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