I was at a private life insurance company branch this morning. After I finished my work with them, the executive started hard-selling their cancer care policy!! I requested him not to push these products on their customers ?

Health insurance, I can understand. But why a cancer care or any other such policies?!

Two days back, Got this SMS: ‘Diagnosed with #Diabetes? No need to worry with #InsuranceCo “Energy” plan for diabetics that covers hospitalization from day 1 & provides up to 25% premium discount at renewal, for staying healthy!…’

#KYC has not evolved enough! How much #BFSI really know their customers?

These products & programs go against my beliefs & values.

I remember the conversation with fellow travelers on the spiritual path, whether we actually need even a health insurance cover? Or any other insurance apart from what is required as per law of the land!

We should be pushing wellness (not cancer or diabetic care) and healthier food habits instead?

Then came across this article in @ETPanache in the @EconomicTimes: Nothing is a coincidence! Can eating organic foods keep cancer away?

Health & wellness, at all levels (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual) is at the core of all what we do at www.regalunlimited.com

#BiologyOfBelief #LawOfAttraction

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